Red Rock Canyon

Your Weekend Plans: Venture Off-Strip

July 24, 2017

There are so many things to do in Las Vegas that it’s no wonder the city has earned the nickname “America’s Playground”. With a lot of the action happening on the Strip, the rest of what Vegas has to offer often goes untouched. That’s why we thought we’d recommend a few of our top highlights of things to do away from the Strip.

Who knows, you may be faced with the ending of one conference and a free weekend to fill in before UnGagged begins… what a coincidence!

1. Visit Downtown Las Vegas

From what was known as the gambling district, Downtown Las Vegas was the center of the all the action, before the Strip rose to fame. Visit Fremont Street to step back into the old, classic Vegas – where many casinos, bars, restaurants and hotels remain. With more than 2 million lights and a state-of-the-art sound system, and a zip line running through the middle of Fremont Street; it’s a place you have to experience if you come to Las Vegas.

2. Have coffee at Mount Charleston

Fancy a hike? Mount Charleston is the highest mountain in both the Spring Mountains and Clark County. With 200 campsites, and over 150 picnic areas and fantastic hotels and lodges on the peak; there is more to this mountain than meets the eye. If you don’t want to end the bend, try the world famous Mount Charleston Coffee with a twist of the Scotch-based spirit, Drambuie – served at one and only, Mt Charleston Lodge.

3. Step behind the closed doors of The Mob Museum

Interested in hearing the whispers and uncovering the faces of the shadows that built Las Vegas into what it is today? Uncover ‘the mob’ and the inner workings of organised crime in this world-class, interactive journey where true stories from those at the frontline of both sides of the law reveal unparalleled insights into America’s history.

4. Feel the Need for Speed

For only a 15 minute drive out of Las Vegas, you could get behind the wheel of any muscle car of your choice; Mustang, Lamborghini, or Ferrari anyone? At SpeedVegas, cars start from $39 a lap – offering you the chance to give your best Richard Petty impression you’ve got.

5. Spend some time on Lake Mead

Visit America’s most diverse national recreation area to kayak, fish, camp or simply enjoy the views of the beautiful blue waters. Lake Mead is a favourite amongst the locals, as it offers a range of fantastic outdoor activities, in a blissful setting. Why not rent a boat or jet ski and fly along the still waters, or drive around the scenic routes before you retreat to enjoy a lovely lunch at a restaurant in the Marina, to enjoy beautiful panoramas of the lake.

6. Marvel at the Hoover Dam

Named one of the Top 10 Construction Achievements, and contains enough concrete to pave a road from New York to California – the Hoover Dam certainly holds a reputable name in America. Capture picturesque views of the incredible surrounding landscape by embarking on one of the many hiking trails, bike trails or helicopter tours offered. This dam is named after America’s 31st president, Herbert Hoover, who played a significant role in settling a 25-year controversy between the near by states over water allocations (fun fact 101).

7. Check out the National Atomic Testing Museum

Geek out at the museum which showcases some of the rarest of artifacts relating to the nation’s atomic testing program. Experience a Ground Zero Theatre simulation, see a large nuclear reactor that was used in the development of the nuclear rocket and the first air-to-air missile, learn about the progression from above-ground tests to underground tests and more!

8. Go climbing in Red Rock Canyon

Ever flown into Las Vegas and looked out the window to see large amounts of red rock? Well, you could just be looking at the desert, but amongst it stands the iconic ‘Red Rock Canyon’. It consists of large rock formations, sandstone peaks and walls called the Keystone Thrust. The walls reach up to 3,000 feet – perfect location for those of you who are rock climbing enthusiasts!

9. Take a tour of Grand Canyon*

Fancy getting out of the city? In need of a breath of fresh, casino-free air? UnGagged has teamed up with the Tropicana Las Vegas to offer you a variety of fantastic bus and helicopter tours which are all pre-planned and awaiting your arrival. Take a look at our two favourites below…

Wild West Rim Grand Canyon Bus Tour by Sweetours:

Join us to view Eagle Point, the Grand Canyon Skywalk and the Hualapai Ranch. Take in the beautiful surroundings of Guano Point, feel free to hike the trail leading to the highest point, where you’ll enjoy the scenic view of the Colorado River. You will spend 3 luxurious hours at the canyon. This part of the canyon is also where they have the skywalk, a U-shaped glass bridge that extends 70 feet beyond the rim of the Grand Canyon, giving visitors a full view of the 4,000-foot drop to the Colorado River.

Tour Schedule: Departs daily from Tropicana Las Vegas’ North Entrance at 6:40 am

Tour Duration: 11+ hours hotel to hotel


  • $198 without skywalk
  • $223 with skywalk

Grand Celebration Tour by Papillion:

The Grand Celebration is the crowning jewel in our selection of helicopter tours and easily the most popular. This helicopter tour provides stunning aerial views of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and of course, the Grand Canyon. Additionally, this tour lands at the bottom of the canyon on a private plateau overlooking the Colorado River. Their guests enjoy a champagne picnic and refreshment while surrounded by the awe-inspiring grandeur that is the Grand Canyon. It is truly an experience unlike any other!

Tour Schedule: Daily

Tour Duration: 4 hours hotel to hotel

Tour Times: 7:00 am, 9:45 am, 12:15 pm, 2:45 pm and 5:30pm


  • 7:00 am, 12:15 pm & 2:45 pm = $513
  • 9:45 am = $533
  • 5:30 pm = $553

*Times and prices for tours to the Grand Canyon may change, contact the concierge team for the latest.


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