Marketing Funnel

How to integrate interactive content into your marketing funnel

October 24, 2017

If you’re reading this, you probably know a bit about marketing funnels. Also known as the buyer’s journey, it’s the active research process a buyer goes through before making a purchase. The marketing funnel comprises of three main stages:

  • Awareness (also known as top of the funnel or TOFU)
  • Consideration (also known as middle of the funnel or MOFU)
  • Transaction or Decision (also known as bottom of the funnel or BOFU)

Marketing Funnel

As marketers, it is our goal to get prospects to the end of the funnel i.e. the transaction stage. This can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Get more people to enter the funnel through the awareness stage
  2. Increase the conversion rate within the funnel

To do this, you need a specific marketing strategy tailored to each stage. For example, someone at the awareness stage of the funnel would require more educational content compared to someone at the transaction stage. And this is where interactive content comes into the picture.

According to research conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, 46% of marketers are using interactive content to get prospects into the funnel and also to nurture them down the funnel. Here are the most popular interactive content types among marketers.

Types of Interactive Content

Let’s take a look at how you can use quizzes & calculators, one of the most used forms of interactive content, to get more prospects into and down the funnel.

#1: Awareness (TOFU)

Goal: To make the prospect aware of the problem you solve by providing educational content and building a relationship.

At this stage, as a marketer, you are looking to generate awareness about the problem. For example, say you are trying to market a software which helps websites do A/B testing and CRO. For the awareness stage, you might want to create interactive content which talks about website conversions, lead generation etc.

The core focus should be on providing education content which relates back to your product, but not in a sales-y way. HubSpot does this really well with their Inbound Marketing Quiz. This quiz helps marketers determine how well they understand inbound marketing. The idea is to steer clear from talking about your product or making any sales pitches at this stage.

You can also create some very interesting experiences around ideas like:

  1. Are you a ___ expert?
  2. Are you a true ___?
  3. Which ___ are you?
  4. Are you a ___ or a ___?

#2: Consideration (MOFU)

Goal: To build a deeper relationship with your subscriber, introduce them to the solutions that you provide, and nurture them with contextual or targeted content.

Once the buyer has become aware of the problem, it’s time to introduce solutions. However, a hard sales pitch might not work just yet. So, at the consideration stage, the focus should be to introduce the solutions that you provide and build trust and authority around those topics. Let’s continue the A/B testing and CRO example from the previous point. At the awareness stage, you built interactive content around general topics like website lead generation, conversions. Now, it’s time to relate those topics to your product. You can do this by creating a calculator such as “Find out how many more leads you can generate by A/B testing your homepage” or a quiz like “How much do you about CRO?”.

At Outgrow, we do this through a calculator named “How many more leads will I get from interactive content”. This calculator helps marketers find out how much they can improve their lead generation with quizzes and calculators. The idea here is to talk about what you do, not who you are.

Interactive Content Calculator

You can use these ideas to create interesting interactive experiences around the Consideration stage:

  1. Which is the right ___ for you?
  2. Am I spending too much on ___?
  3. How much should ___ cost?
  4. What is the risk of not doing ___?

#3: Transaction or Decision (BOFU)

Goal: To make the buyers familiar with the benefits of your product/service as you gently push them towards purchase or signup.

At this stage, the prospect is ready to buy, whether it be from you or someone else. Now, your job is to promote your products and services and convey why the buyer should choose you over another vendor. Taking the A/B testing and CRO example forward, at this stage you can create a calculator such as “Find out how much you can save by using us vs. a competitor” or a simple ROI calculator. In fact, HubSpot does this with their ROI Calculator. This calculator gives an estimate of the potential ROI on using the HubSpot inbound marketing software.

This is the stage where we can talk about ourselves. But while we do that, we should keep in mind to always be adding value. While you can talk about your product, you should never undermine the ultimate objective of education.

Use these following templates to create quizzes and calculators for the Transaction stage.

  1. Should I switch to ___?
  2. How does ___ compare with ___?
  3. What is the ROI on ___?

In closing, what we can all agree on is that the marketing funnel is unique for every business. It is heavily influenced by your industry, your target audience, your marketing strategy as well as a number of other factors. However, the general principles remain the same. Understand your audience, develop your funnel, and understand what the buyer wants to know at each stage of the funnel.

No matter what stage the buyer is in, they don’t want to be sold to. Instead, they want to be engaged with. And there is nothing better than interactive content to engage with your buyers as you can personalize the information to their specific needs.

This post was sponsored by Outgrow.


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