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Cindy Krum
CEO and Founder - MobileMoxie, LLC
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Mobile Marketing Masterclass

Las Vegas 2016 | 13 - 16 November 2016 | 09:00

The Mobile Marketing Masterclass is a 1 day workshop on top of the full 3 day UnGagged conference that gives you an end-to-end overview of mobile marketing. Attendees will leave with all the skills necessary to build and index an entire app.

Please note in order to attend the Mobile Marketing Masterclass you must purchase the “Mobile Marketing Masterclass & UnGagged Combo“.

This masterclass will be given by Cindy Krum, CEO, and Emily Grossman, Mobile Marketing Specialist, from MobileMoxie
Introduction to the Mobile Landscape & User Demographic
Learn who mobile consumers are, what they want, and how they are accessing it. This introductory part of the training will set the stage for subsequent discussion by giving demographic and psychographic information about mobile traffic. Do people really prefer apps over websites? How should you divide your budget between apps and web? How and when do mobile users search? What drives people to click through on a web result or download an app? These questions and concepts will be teased out and addressed, with a fresh perspective on the mobile-first mentality and how it can apply to any business.

Fundamentals of Mobile Site Development & Architecture
The training will jump right in on the technical level – to explain how modern mobile web experiences are crafted, and what makes them succeed or fail. This will include a discussion of web architecture – starting with simple mobile subdomains, then graduating to Responsive and Adaptive web design, and progressing all the way to HTML5 and Single-Page Architecture sites. It will explain the SEO and conversion pros and cons of each option. Do you need to re-build your site if it is not Responsive? How can server-set up and url structure impact your rankings in mobile search? All of these topics will be covered.

10:30 – 12:00
Mobile UX & Conversion Optimization
Mobile users have different expectations of your mobile content. Weather they are on a website or an app, users expect fast, interactive, customized experiences that are more deeply intertwined with the real-life mobile experience, and not just 100% replicas of the desktop experience. Mobile traffic has different expectations and needs that must be met to drive a successful mobile conversion. How much can mobile UX impact your ROI? How can you ensure that visitors find what they are looking for on your mobile site? Will things like infinite scroll and AJAX help or hurt your mobile conversions? What can you do to improve on or offline mobile conversions? This session will give you the answers you need!

Using Mobile & Social Media To Your Best Benefit
Mobile visitors are social visitors, but for many companies there is a vast disconnect between the social teams and the mobile teams. Social teams know that most social traffic is on a mobile device, but still fail to optimize websites and apps for proper mobile sharing. They also fail to optimize paid social campaigns for mobile conversion. These oversights can be enraging for potential brand evangelists who just want to casually interact with your brand socially, but are put off by the technological difficulties that they must endure to do it from a phone or tablet. Where and what should the social team be testing? How can social apps screw up even the best social campaigns? This part of the training will give you what you need to know to get the social team working effectively with the web and app teams, so that all aspects of social brand engagement are awesomely easy for your fans and followers.

1:00 – 2:30
Page Speed Optimization & Auditing
Page Speed is one of the biggest determinants of mobile site success and it has nothing to do with the visual design of the UX – it is all about the back-end technology. Google says there is roughly a 70% chance that a user will give up if your mobile site has not loaded within 3 seconds of the click, but most sites take more than double that on a mobile phone. It will outline tools and goals that can be used to evaluate mobile websites and apps and explain the nuances and dependencies of critical path rendering and how that impacts rankings and conversions. This part of the training will also include discussion of AMP HTML and the pros and cons it can provide various types of web content. What works for speeding up a mobile experience? What is the biggest cause of slow load times? What is Lazy Loading and why is it important? This session will outline the simple and more complex ways that sites and apps can optimize and track their latency, and make that information immediately actionable.

AJAX, JavaScript & Single Page App Optimization
The new trend in mobile site design is ‘web-apps’ which live on the web, but look and behave much more like apps. This is generally accomplished with more sophisticated code that engages and pulls content from the server in an on-going way. Web-apps look faster and cleaner than traditional HTML websites, but how do they work, and how can they be SEO’d? What roll can HTML5 play in helping drive indexing and rankings for web-apps? What server software is necessary for proper SEO of single-page apps and how should it be configured to maximize success? This part of the training will help you up your game and your vocabulary, to be able to understand and discuss the costs and benefits of new web and code practices like single page apps and other advanced mobile site architecture.

App Store Optimization & Google App Pack Optimization
There have been massive changes in app optimization (ASO) and marketing techniques in just the past year. App stores look at different ranking signals to determine which apps will rank for each search result. App ranking signals can be dynamic or static, and their importance shifts based on the proximity to app updates and the level of competition within each app category. ASO is exciting and new, and can open up a whole new world of opportunities SEO’s who have never worked outside of the traditional SEO ranking factors. This part of the training will cover the Best Practices for driving top search results for apps in Google Paly, the iOS AppStore and Google App Packs. How the various app search platforms differ from one another? What are the best strategies for leveraging ASO to your best advantage? Come this part of the training to find out!

Deep Linking, App Indexing & Optimization for Apple Search
Rather than users having to open an app from the equivalent of the ‘home page’ and always navigate to their desired place in the app, it is now possible to navigate specifically to deep screens in an app, much like we are used to doing on websites. Beyond that Google has begun allowing users to choose whether they would like to open certain content in the website or in the corresponding app. This process, called deep linking can be very powerful, especially for companies who notice a distinct difference between conversions and transaction value between their mobile website and their mobile app. This part of the training will answer pressing questions like: What you need to know about deep linking? How does deep linking and app indexing differ? from Android to iOS? What is the difference between deep linking and app indexing and how can you leverage both for your company? How deep linking can impact discovery in iOS9 searches? How will deep linking and app indexing may change in the near future, when non-parity apps can rank in searches?

The Venue

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3801 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States
Masterclasses at UnGagged Las Vegas 2016

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