Prepare your business for Mobilegeddon 2.0 with the help of the industry leading brand, MobileMoxie

October 02, 2016

Google’s announcement of a new mobile-friendly update has businesses that aren’t mobile optimised, second guessing their marketing strategies for the future…  Luckily, CEO and Founder of MobileMoxie, Cindy Krum and side-kick Emily Grossman, are ready and waiting.

Unsure of what the future of mobile holds? Click here to prepare your business with industry leading experts…

UnGagged, the world’s first SEO and Digital Marketing UnConvention, offers the perfect open and friendly platform for the two mobile experts to advise and prepare those businesses wanting to get ahead.

Now’s the time to act and join us for the Mobile Marketing Masterclass with MobileMoxie at UnGagged Las Vegas!

The Las Vegas masterclass will run over 1 whole day that consists of individual sessions that are focused on different areas of mobile marketing and SEO training strategies

When and where? The 13th of November 2016, the day before the 3 day UnGagged UnConvention at the Tropicana Las Vegas. A perfect introduction, to the cutting-edge UnGagged conference!

What’s included in the workshop?

  • Introduction to the Mobile Landscape & User Demographic: Learn who mobile consumers are, what they want, and how they are accessing it. This introductory part of the training will set the stage for subsequent discussion by giving demographic and psychographic information about mobile traffic…
  • Fundamentals of Mobile Site Development & Architecture: The training will jump right in on the technical level – to explain how modern mobile web experiences are crafted, and what makes them succeed or fail…
  • Mobile UX & Conversion Optimization: Mobile users have different expectations of your mobile content. Whether they are on a website or an app, users expect fast, interactive, customized experiences that are more deeply intertwined with the real-life mobile experience, and not just 100% replicas of the desktop experience…
  • Using Mobile & Social Media To Your Best Benefit: Mobile visitors are social visitors, but for many companies there is a vast disconnect between the social teams and the mobile teams. This part of the training will give you what you need to know to get the social team working effectively with the web and app teams, so that all aspects of social brand engagement are easy for your fans and followers…
  • Page Speed Optimization & Auditing: Page Speed is one of the biggest determinants of mobile site success and it has nothing to do with the visual design of the UX – it is all about the back-end technology. It will outline tools and goals that can be used to evaluate mobile websites and apps and explain the nuances and dependencies of critical path rendering and how that impacts rankings and conversions…
  • AJAX, JavaScript & Single Page App Optimization: The new trend in mobile site design is ‘web-apps’ which live on the web, but look and behave much more like apps. This is generally accomplished with more sophisticated code that engages and pulls content from the server in an on-going way…
  • App Store Optimization & Google App Pack Optimization: There have been massive changes in app optimization (ASO) and marketing techniques in just the past year. This part of the training will cover the Best Practices for driving top search results for apps in Google Play, the iOS AppStore and Google App Packs. How the various app search platforms differ from one another? What are the best strategies for leveraging ASO to your best advantage? Come to this part of the training to find out…
  • Deep Linking, App Indexing & Optimization for Apple Search: Rather than users having to open an app from the equivalent of the ‘home page’ and always navigate to their desired place in the app, it is now possible to navigate specifically to deep screens in an app, much like we are used to doing on websites. Beyond that Google has begun allowing users to choose whether they would like to open certain content in the website or in the corresponding app…

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to best equip your business for the upcoming changes in the internet marketing industry. Join us for UnGagged 2016!

Originally published 2 June 2016.


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