Las Vegas 2014 Testimonials

Want to find out the real truth? Take a look at our testimonials to see what our attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers have to say about their experience at UnGagged Las Vegas 2014…

No matter what color is the SEO hat you’re wearing, UnGagged is a great place to meet the world’s leading online marketers, get updates on what’s working for them and take off with new business ideas.

Arye Barsky - Online Marketing Specialist

The quality of tactic and business education/information was simply amazing. The speakers and the breakout sessions were top quality and reverent to the current industry conditions.

Aliza Stein - A Freaking Great Company

Best IM conference I’ve been to by a mile. And it’s an excuse to go to Vegas – what more could a person ask?

Malcolm Simmonds - Managing Director - HeyMalc

Awesome to hear there will be another convention in less than 6 months, I will be booking my ticket, flight and hotel this week! – To anyone on the fence or not sure about attending yet, let me make it simple. I have been in the IM / SEO industry for well over a decade now and have attended worldwide renowned conferences such as smx, ses, etc, the list goes on! But let me tell you something, of all the conventions I’ve gone to none of them have even came close to the learning and networking experience that Ungagged 2014 Vegas provided. Endless networking connections, vast amounts of SEO knowledge, solid business advice and other niche specific knowledge all organized and presented in a professional and friendly environment! Oh and lets not forget, the ability to finally meet the brilliant people that make this forum run and make it all possible. Ungagged London 2015 is a definite no brainer and probably the best “business expense” I have ever written off, I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to spend my hard earned tax dollars! *Warm Regards and look forward to seeing everyone in the wonderful UK!

Mark - Attendee

It was a really great event. I’m glad I got to meet Damien, Greg, LukaB, Tymillz, Windmill, Krazie, D3t0x, Ugjunk, and everyone else. It was a very memorable, and life changing weekend. Made a lot of great partnerships, and many amazing SEO guys with many clients who are really friendly and open to sharing ideas with me.

candybar - BHW Member

Totally agree. I had a blast and actually picked up a few things that have already made me a profit. It was definitely awesome to meet the people I did as well. Had a great time at the show, and the after parties.

Krazie - BHW Member

Was a really fun event. It’s good to meet people in person after you’ve been talking to them online for years! Was good to meet the people behind BHW, very friendly folks! People flew in from different parts of the world and said it was worth it! It was. Looking forward to the rest of the pictures. London will be great!
All in all, Had a blast.

LukaB - BHW Member

It was a wonderful experience to interact everyone IRL. All the members were very optimistic, positive & friendly about the entire event. I was glad to meet them all and share few jokes. Damien, Greg and the entire team did an amazing job. Will be looking forward for the Ungagged2015 in London.

ugjunk - BHW Member

It was surely delightful meeting all you fellow BHW members that have been active over the years and seeing the wonderful personalities that you all have in person. The best part of the convention although I must say was meeting the entire admin staff and the people that make this wonderful community possible. They were not only intelligent and professional but also very personable, charismatic and definitely knew how throw a wonderful event that was both educational, exciting and a very rare opportunity of a lifetime. Look forward to the next time we all meet and hats off to Damien for putting together such a great event.

Mark (SDSEOGURU) - President - Securelinkbuilding

I just wanted to thank BHW for putting on this event, the speakers that I attended were absolutely wonderful and the information presented was insightful and actionable. I’m looking forward to putting much of it to use in the next year to make more money. Also, was able to make some great contacts that I’m looking forward to seeing at the next UnGagged conference.
Thanks again guys.

DebtFreeMe - Attendee

Expectations? Exceeded
The title sums it up! I’d really like to thank Damien, Greg, Lisa Marie, Craig, Curtis & Jasmin for all their hard work into putting all this huge effort to make Ungagged 2014 such a fantastic event! Thanks to you, we’ve had such a great time in these 3 days, you deserve a long rest now you guys – but not too long, May is getting close

  • Great content? Check.
  • Awesome people to meet? Check.
  • Amazing place to be? Check.
  • Extras to get pampered by? Check.
  • Organizers taking great care of the attendees? Check.

Overall, if you didn’t attend, you lost. Make sure you get to London on May, because these guys are determined to set up an even better event, despite the fact that they’ve set the bar so high already with this one. I’d also like to say I’ve enjoyed meeting all the forum members there, putting a face on the nickname is very nice.

jazzc - BHW Moderator

It was a fantastic Event I really enjoyed meeting the people that attended. I really encourage people to go. The amount of knowledge that I got from it is just priceless.

Juan Mrad - Owner - Digital Forerunners LLC

Thanks everyone for the great event. Great people, great parties, that’s what UnGagged was for me.. It would have been the same great event for me without any sessions.. Afterhours, baby! I might be in for London, but I will be definitely back for Vegas in November! Cheers to all the nice guys I met, I guess I found some new friends and that will make UnGagged more than “just a conference” for me…

Roger (SuperTee) - CEO - Colocore GmbH

I had an absolute ball at ungagged. I want to thank everyone involved. I met some amazing people and I come back to Australia with new knowledge i never knew existed. Rainmaker and Jerry were my standouts. You guys are inspiring. Can’t wait until the next one! It was a pleasure to meet the other forum dudes as well!

irdeto - BHW Member

These pictures came out amazing. It was an amazing meetup.

ugjunk - BHW Member

All these new secrets I learned half of you don’t know about.

Ellisd - BHW Member

Excellent conference – great info, good company, fantastic food and it’s in Caesar’s – what more could you ask? Oh – there was tons of free drink too, all included. Couldn’t believe it. I was on free margaritas. Excellent – no complaints. Looking forward to London – as I live an hour away.

Malcolm Simmonds - Managing Director - HeyMalc

Looking forward to May, Vegas was awesome!

FutureProofSeo - BHW Member

From my perspective, I loved how personal it felt.

Windmill - BHW Member

Was great – had a good time! Would love to speak again if that is possible.

Thomas Smale - Co-Founder - FE International

Consider my hand raised for London and Vegas. Thanks again for the professional event.

Brian Massey - Founder - Conversion Sciences

Be honored if you invited me back.

Radar Roy Reyer - Founder - Radar Busters

Just WOW! Meeting the legendary speakers was awesome. Hearing the war stories and seeing the good outcomes of bravery was inspiring. Everyone was so open, given the closed nature of the UnConference theme. Thanks again Damien and Craig for the invite. Scott, Erika and Jerry were funny as hell. Meeting Brian, Gavin, Dave and Joe, Loren, Matt, and Murray was so cool. SEMrush will take to heart all of your thanks, encouragement and wishes. I hope we helped. When you need something, please reach out. See you in 2015!

Michael Stricker - Director of Marketing SEMrush / Speaker

Glad to have met everyone and I’ve got to say hats off to Craig and Damien for putting together the most enjoyable conference I have ever been to – and they nailed it on their first crack of the whip! Excited to see what the future holds!

Matthew Woodward - Owner -

Now back home safely in a chilly North Wales. I want to extend a big thank you for Craig, Damien, Greg and LisaMaree and the team for putting on a fantastic conference and for inviting me to speak. It was a pleasure to meet so many of you. From what we have seen over the weekend UnGagged is going to grow from strength to strength. Well done everyone.

Gavin Preston - Owner -

Thanks Craig and all of the speakers for an amazing and great-content-packed conference. I was even more blown away by the audience…lots of great marketers in attendance. I was especially amazed that after a great domaining story I shared with the audience…one of the participants in the story was actually in attendance and filled in the blanks. Awesome. Thanks everyone for a great show!

David Melamed - Founder - Tenfold Traffice

I just wanted to express my gratitude to Craig for inviting me to speak at the conference and that it was great to meet all of you and spend time with the group. Had a great time and met some wonderful people. Look forward to seeing you all again soon. Let me know if there is any way I can help in the future.

John Limbocker - CEO and Founder - Limbo Vision, Inc

Please let everyone know I had a great time at the show. Well done!!

Len Foley - CEO - New Horizon Health, Inc

Great job to all the speakers today. You guys killed it. Especially Jerry West, awesome!

Ilan Nass - Founder - Taktical

Mate – we loved it! And loved hanging out with you and the UnGagged team. Congrats again on a ripping event!

Luke McCormack - Business Manager - Flippa

Craig I wanted to thank you for everything this weekend it was a pleasure working with you and Damien and speaking at the event. I hope my talk lived up to expectations and would be happy to bring something fresh to your next event. Please keep me in mind. Thanks!

Brad Gosse - Founder - Vectortoons

Thanks for putting on a great show!
I had a great time. Thanks!

Akiva Ben-Ezra - Owner - SEO Kings

I spoke at UnGagged Vegas and it was their first show and it was really awesome. Reminded me of the first Pubcon’s and SES shows. Both attendees and speakers really knew there shit and I made a lot of great new friends and contacts. Good stuff. Looking forward to their next show in Europe this spring/summer.

Jeremy Shoemaker - Founder - PAR Program

What is truly unique and special about Ungagged is everyone in attendance wanted to be there. As a speaker attending other sessions, all of the other presenters were more than generous with the information and strategies they shared. And they all made themselves very accessible for questions. Not only did you learn what worked, but you also learned what didn’t. There were also great networking opportunities. For anyone thinking about attending, the biggest difference between Ungagged and other marketing conferences is this isn’t a giant pitch-fest.

Jacob Hagberg - Founder - Orange Fox

Hey Guys,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for inviting me to speak and looking after me at the show. I think you have started something great, let me know how I can help!

Murray Newlands - Founder - InfluencePeople

You’re simply the loveliest group I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and all of this was very much my pleasure. There was one thing that stood out about my Ungagged experience: the complete and utter lack of pretension and bullshit. I saw people come together, out of the blue, and get shit done and frankly, that’s amazing. There are way too many conferences where people leave full of ideas but no bloody idea how to execute. Ungagged was quite the opposite. I saw people executing in the hallways. I’m scared shitless of what this conference is going to become — and in a good way.

Erika Napoletano - Founder - RHW Media

I had an excellent time at UnGagged and it was a real blast meeting some of you. To those who I didn’t get a chance to meet maybe next time. This event was a class act and can’t thank Damien, Craig and their whole team for putting on one of the best events I have ever attended and spoken at. It was an honor to have been part of the first one and I hope you guys have many more to come successfully growing each year.

Mark Ress - VP - Blitz Media Marketing

“What was great about Ungagged for CopyPress and for me personally was the high caliber of attendees. For a first time conference taking place in Las Vegas I was able to network and close deals with people from as far away as Australia, Lithuania, and Sweden. This wasn’t a script kiddie conference, this was a conference for successful marketers looking to level up.”

Joe Sinkwitz aka Cygnus SEO - Principal - Digital Heretix