Las Vegas 2015 Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it!  We love feedback so we can continue to make UnGagged the best SEO and digital marketing UnConvention around.  Find out what the attendees and speakers thought of the conference here:

Ungagged reminds me of how conferences were back when I started in the industry. The setting is an intimate one which allows very smart people to get together, exchange ideas, form new relationships, and most importantly – learn from each other.

Some of the best speakers in the industry giving you the down and dirty details of what works and what doesn’t with networking events that let you continue those conversations well after the sessions are over. I couldn’t recommend Ungagged more highly! Enjoyed every minute and the diversity of the attendees from around the world is the icing on what was an already delicious cake. Thanks Ungagged!

Kristine Schachinger - CEO and Founder - The Vetters

UnGagged left me reeling – REELING – with new ideas and directions. Both for my side projects and for my portfolio of agency clients. Thank you again for bringing together such a stellar group of presenters. Also. The food. I would attend again just for the spread.

Thank you!

Garrett French - Founder - Citation Labs

Vegas UnGagged was fantastic! Chalk full of great speakers, sharing useful information, I’d return in a heartbeat to this event. From the location to the topics, it’s a winner!

Duane Forrester - VP, Organic Search Operations - Bruce Clay, Inc

A one of a kind experience, finally a conference which cuts-out the noise. Ungagged is an event you are sure to walk away with more! Gain beyond knowledge but insight that will shape the way you think and work! Ungagged is a high value event for any digital marketer!

Jordan Koene - Chief Evangelist - Searchmetrics

The ungagged conference provided a view on digital marketing that cuts through the usual noise. It’s refreshing to see experts who have permission to share so freely.

Brian Massey - Founder - Conversion Sciences

UnGagged is unique because the event is all about answering audience questions in a safe environment with little concern for what may be shared in public. Because UnGagged is designed around the idea of not disclosing information by social media, high caliber speakers provide insights into truly cutting edge SEO and online marketing strategies. From an attendee point of view this is a lot of actionable takeaways and great value for the price of the ticket. On top of that the networking opportunities are superb. After having the privilege to speak at UnGagged twice already, I’m hugely excited about the upcoming 2016 UnGagged event series.

Kaspar Szymanski - Co-Founder - SearchBrothers

The speaker lineup was absolutely stacked this year. Looking over the tracks, I was thinking, how am I going to get attendees to my session? Even I wanted to see the other speakers who were presenting during my sessions. It turns out, all of the other speakers were thinking the same thing. When speakers want to go to other speaker’s sessions, you know it is an awesome conference!

Jacob Hagberg - Founder - Orange Fox

I go to a lot of business conferences and events, but I have to say the Ungagged events are the best — not only content-wise (I pick up at least 5 or 6 applicable, profitable insights per event), but the caliber of people attending and running the events are top notch. I never give testimonials or speak at events, but I always will for Ungagged!

Len Foley - CEO - New Horizon Health, Inc

Ungagged Las Vegas 2015 was an amazing high competence density conference. I met so many online marketing veterans that I cannot praise this event enough. It’s priceless to meet people who built and sold businesses, have seen many ups and downs over the year and don’t fall for the common “last year wisdom” stuff. Frankly this is a conference where you learn not only from the sessions but also the attendees. Being in the online marketing business myself since 2003 that’s still an extremely valuable conference to go to. If you think this is a Blackhat or a “niche” conference, then you’re wrong. Ungagged is a “competence” conference, so you want to be there!

Christoph Cemper - CEO and Founder - LinkResearchTools

Jeremy Schoemaker - MFCEO - ShoeMoney Media Group Inc

I have spoken at many Internet Marketing Conferences and Ungagged is by far the best. The top level speakers and quality content being shared is amazing. Plus an open bar every night to mingle with the top people in the industry doesn’t hurt.

Akiva Ben Ezra - Owner - SEO Kings

The philosophy of Ungagged is to call a spade a spade. Instead of delivering a stump speech we share stories of success, failure, resentment and optimism. This level of openness makes Ungagged a true barometer to those who want to understand where the SEO industry currently stands and where it is heading.

Paul Bongers - Director of Sales US East - Searchmetrics

This was my first time attending one of the Ungagged conferences, but I can tell you it won’t be my last. I went to a lot of conferences this past year, but Ungagged was the most valuable for me personally. As an SEO professional, it wasn’t just the content by fellow speakers that made it valuable, but the attendees. The people I met, the connections I made at Ungagged made me so excited to continue working in this industry.

Bill Hartzer - Senior SEO Strategist - Globe Runner

UnGagged Vegas was a great experience. As a speaker, I was given a lot of freedom to talk about what I wanted to and given the time to go into a lot of detail. The organisation in the run up to the event was excellent, as was the event itself. I also met some very talented attendees who were happy to share experience too, which was an added bonus.

Paddy Moogan - Co-founder - Aira

UnGagged Las Vegas has been one of the most complete conferences experiences I’ve had: The diversity of topics, the sessions content depth and honesty, the amazing networking with attendees and speakers coming from all over the world… It has already become one of the must attend event in the industry – you can’t miss it.

Aleyda Solis - Founder - Orainti

One of the best conferences of the year to meet other like-minded individuals is Ungagged. I had the time to catchup with some of the top industry experts while learning to expand my online business in some of the amazing sessions. Ungagged is a conference I’m planning on attending in 2016.

John Rampton - Founder - Adogy

Ungagged is a phenomenal conference – top-notch speakers and sessions teeming with high-level practical information. I always come away with new ideas that I can apply to my business. Speaking of top-notch, I have never attended a conference with better organizers than Ungagged. Their team takes care of everyone’s needs.

Ruth Carter - Owner - Carter Law

I don’t always vape over the course of 4 sessions and a speaking slot at marketing conferences, but when I do, you can be sure it is while at Ungagged. Kudos to the staff, fellow speakers, and attendees that allowed me to mix online marketing concepts with real-world in-person social influence marketing. It was a smashing success.

Joe Sinkwitz - Principal - Digital Heretix

Ungagged Las Vegas was an awesome event. Worth joining to learn how experienced professionals drive their business and to connect to people, you otherwise probably would never cross way. Audience was keen to hear and share their views and experiences during and after the sessions. Thanks to Craig for setting up this incredible event and connecting more dots in the industry.

Frank Gosch - Senior Director Analytics, SEO & Audience Development - Hearst Newspapers

Ryan a Project Manager from Manila and I went to the Ungagged 2015 and it was REAL. What I mean by that is that the speakers themselves were business owners with Real Time and Real Life experiences. The internet and acquiring business on-line is getting more complex every day. It is only by attending UnGagged do you get to participate in conversations that you can not have anywhere else in the world, usually around a dinner table or after event drinks. You really get to know what works and what does not. Its the only event that I have been too where you discuss real time innovations and everyone is forthcoming. Its the only event that is fixed in my Calender. The participants are all very hush hush on who they represent but once you find out you will meet political influencers, business people representing moguls, international connections. I personally walked away with deals from Las Vegas Nevada to Shanghai China. UnGagged is the place to be to find the most creative on-line solutions and connections. I will see you in Vegas 2016

Maximiliano Lopez - CEO and Founder - Lobo Digital Solutions

UnGagged Las Vegas truly was one of the most entertaining and useful conferences I’ve been to in the past few years. From start to finish it was insightful, relaxed and well organised. The conference organisers to me showed they know how to put up a high quality conference while at the same time keeping everyone happy. I will definitely be back!

Bas van den Beld - Founder - State of Digital

Ungagged was a fantastic event, and I was incredibly impressed with the caliber and content of the speakers. It was really refreshing to hear a different group of speakers and prospective from the industry! I am definitely looking forward to attending and hopefully speaking at more Ungagged events in the future!

Cindy Krum - CEO and Founder - MobileMoxie, LLC

UnGagged was my first event in three years that I actually learned about completely new concepts within the SEO business. Combined with the open and friendly atmosphere, the networking possibilities and the exceptional content made it a unique and brilliant experience for me. An event other conference organisers can learn from!

Jan-Willem Bobbink - SEO Consultant

UnGagged Vegas 15 once again proved to be “the event of the year in my calendar”. With great speakers and fantastic networking this professionally run event attracted the best of the best in terms of speakers and audience.

Murray Newlands - Founder - InfluencePeople

Ungagged has very quickly become one of my favourite conferences to speak at. From a selfish point of view it’s always good to speak to an audience that really want to learn, and that’s definitely the case here. Because of the incredible quality I also get the chance to listen and learn from other speakers.

Matt Beswick - Co-founder - Aira

What a great event! The general knowledge level of the audience was excellent, which meant speakers were really on their game to share valuable, actionable insights. I was also really impressed with the overall organisation of the conference which allowed everything to run very smoothly. Altogether, a great un-conference and I look forward to many more of them in the future.

Nick Garner - CEO - Oshi

UnGagged was fantastic this year! The range of speakers was very impressive for a relatively new event – testament to the great work from the whole UnGagged team. Unlike many other events, all of the speakers spent time networking with attendees making it perfect for first time attendees without the intimidation factor you get at other conferences.

Thomas Smale - Co-Founder - FE International

Another great event. Really good mix of people, I thought. Lots of different backgrounds, experience, perspectives. Surprisingly little conflict, too, between those disparate views and disciplines.

Jono Alderson - Global Head of Digital - Linkdex

I’m really happy with the feedback I’ve got from my session about International SEO. Really I want to thank Craig and the team for the excellent job they did in organizing Ungagged. I strongly recommend attending Ungagged in 2016. Ungagged is a unique conference, where you’ll learn from the best SEOs from around the world. I built professional relationships with industry leaders and learned valuable SEO secrets.

Francisco Leon - SEO Team Lead Strategist - Shopify

Ungagged is the new must attend conference in the SEO world, insightful sessions with great speakers giving an amazing opportunity to learn, share & network! Don’t miss it.

Aleyda Solis - Founder - Orainti