Las Vegas 2016 Speakers

The speakers at UnGagged Las Vegas 2016 conference were a gathering of the who’s who in the digital marketing and SEO (search engine optimisation) industry.

Our speaker line up consisted of keynotes Duane Forrester (VP, Organic Search Operations with Bruce Clay, Inc), Marty Weintraub (Founder of aimClear) and William Sears (Group Product Manager, LinkedIn).

You’ve probably heard these speakers elsewhere, but you’ve never heard them speaking without the gag. These speakers come to UnGagged to unveil the secrets never told before, the tactics and strategies heads and directors of large companies would never tell you.

Duane Forrester is the Vice President of Industry Insights for Yext, leading industry outreach, evangelism and authorship for the company. Between Microsoft and Yext, he was the VP, Operations with … more

Marty is an entrepreneur, author, speaker & wilderness guide. He founded Aimclear®, a driven marketing agency dominant in psychographic targeting, winner of 10 US Search Awards, including 2X Best Large … more

William Sears, Group Product Manager, leads user acquisition and optimization for the Growth team at LinkedIn using SEO and other digital marketing channels. He has direct experience in many facets … more


Akiva Ben-Ezra is the owner of Israel-based SEO Kings, which helps small to medium businesses, both in the US and worldwide, to gain market share worldwide. As a speaker and … more

Alex Moss is Director at FireCask, an online marketing and WordPress development agency based in Manchester, UK. He has been working in Search since 2007 working in all aspects from … more

Alexandra Tachalova has worked in digital marketing for over six years. She is a digital marketing consultant, helping makers of digital marketing tools to open new markets and boost sales. … more

Bartosz Góralewicz is the CEO at Elephate, an SEO agency that specializes in preventing and curing technical SEO issues for businesses of all sizes, including renowned international corporations. He is … more

Bob Rains is the Sr. SEO Analyst for CBS Interactive’s Media Growth and Engagement team, a top 10 global Internet property. Bob manages SEO for the CBS Interactive Music sites … more

Cindy Krum is the CEO and Founder of MobileMoxie, LLC. MobileMoxie was founded in 2008, and provides mobile marketing consultancy as well as offering a custom suite of cutting-edge online … more

Daniel Bianchini is the Director of Services at, a user focused digital marketing agency based in Oxford, UK. Having been in digital marketing since leaving University, Daniel has worked … more

David is Owner and CEO of digital advertising agency FMB Media, and one of the world’s best-known experts in online advertising. A former Apple Computer executive and serial entrepreneur, David’s … more

Emily Grossman is a Mobile Marketing Specialist at MobileMoxie, LLC, and has been working with mobile apps since the early days of the app stores in 2010. She specializes in … more

Eric Enge is the founder and CEO of Stone Temple Consulting. A prominent SEO, content marketing, and digital marketing industry thought leader, he has been an entrepreneur for most of … more

Hannah is Business Director at UK based award-winning digital marketing agency Found, Hannah has over five years of search experience having devised and managed a range of successful online campaigns … more

Ian Lurie is CEO and Founder of Portent, a full-service digital agency he started in 1995. Ian’s professional specialties and favorite topics are marketing strategy, history, search and all things … more

Speaking at his 4th UnGagged event, Jacob Hagberg is a Majestic Ambassador, Speaker for SEMrush and brings the edginess and No-BS approach that UnGagged attendees love. We could tell you Jacob … more

James Bavington is a Director at StrategiQ, a full service integrated marketing agency based in Ipswich. With a background in traditional graphic design, James naturally progressed onto the web and … more

Jamie Toyne consults web entrepreneurs on how to invest and how to exit. He has a background in finance, sales & marketing. Jamie established Flippa’s premium brand Deal Flow, which … more

SEO veteran since 1996. A former software tester with WordPerfect and Novel, he tests the algorithms and affiliate markets to gain leverage against competitors with over 1,100 test domains. Uses … more

Jim Boykin has been actively involved in SEO and Internet marketing since 1999. Jim’s knowledge and experience have made him one of the most respected and referenced SEO’s in the … more

You might know him as Cygnus, or @CygnusSEO, but IRL he’s Joe Sinkwitz, a man that built an empire on the back of payday lead gen over an 11 year … more

Jonathan (Jonny) Scott is CEO and Co-founder of Caliber, an agency built upon its name. It’s staff, its service and its values are that shared of each of the team … more

Jono Alderson has over a decade of blended experience in digital marketing, with expertise in SEO, analytics, brand strategy, campaign strategy, lead generation, eCRM automation, conversation rate optimisation and web … more

Based in San Francisco, Joseph Carroll has been building, buying, and selling websites for over a decade. Upon graduating Cal State Northridge with a degree in Business and Economics Joseph … more

Kristine Schachinger started her career in 1998 as a front-end developer and website designer. She has two decades of website design, development and implementation experience and has helped design/code/implement sites for … more

Kyle has nearly a decade of search experience with roots in retail ecom, product marketing, and local search. He started an SEO agency after getting lacklustre results from several link … more

When Lance Bachmann founded Digital Agency 7 years ago, he had a few ideas about how to help businesses build an online presence. Today, that business has grown into a … more

Larry Kim is the founder of WordStream, a leading search marketing software and services provider based in Boston, managing approximately a half-Billion in annual ad spend across over ten thousand … more

Matt Bentley is Founder and Chief Scientist of, a new kind of SEO software focused on delivering actions rather than data, as well as Growth AI, a free tool … more

Michael Podolsky is a co-founder of – one of the largest, fastest growing and most trusted websites in consumer reviews segment with more than 3.5 million visitors a month. Since 2006 Michael is involved in technology … more

Paul Bongers is a B2B sales leader known for his energetic public speaking with passionate appeals for data-driven marketing and sales strategies based on search data. He heads up the … more

Rickard Vikström is a long term SEO conference attendee and serial entrepreneur. Rickard has built Internet Vikings and the Polar Bear group to become the largest player only focusing on … more

Robert Hansen became the CTO of Bit Discovery after his company OutsideIntel was acquired. Mr. Hansen has worked for Digital Island, Exodus Communications and Cable & Wireless beginning as a … more

Russell McAthy has been working in digital for over a decade with data analytics at the heart of his career. Working with businesses from startup to FTSE100 he has guided … more

Sam McRoberts is the CEO of VUDU Marketing, and the author of Screw the Zoo. He has delved deep into the worlds of philosophy, cognitive psychology and neuroscience to better … more

Terry Godier is a reformed spammer (kind of). He is the founder of Jupint, an umbrella company for his many projects and partnerships. Terry started out online in pure spam circa 2002 … more

With over 20 years in Web experience, very few people have the unique perspectives on making the Web work for business than Thom Craver. A seasoned Web developer since 1993, … more

Vishal Gurbuxani has been involved with Technology for the past 15 years and sits right at the Intersection of Technology & Business. He is working on his 6th startup called Captiv8. … more