London 2016 Testimonials

We love feedback so that we can continue to make UnGagged the world’s best SEO and digital marketing event around! UnGagged London 2016 was unmissable but don’t just take our word for it! UnGagged is…. “the ONLY conference worth attending on the planet” “An SEO Conference to leave you inspired” “a MUST-GO conference every year” Find out what the attendees and speakers thought of the conference here:

UnGagged London has definitely been one of my conference highlights this year. I went to most of the sessions and was amazed by the openness and willingness to share “real” experiences instead of just boring, often heard theories. I’ll definitely be back!

Marcus Tandler - Co-Founder,

That was my second time at UnGagged conference. Great event as always, very responsive audience and really interesting topics. It’s a MUST-GO conference every year. Recommended for mid to senior level online marketeer who want to be up to date with technical stuff around SEO and Social Media

Lukasz Zelezny - Head of Organic Acquisition, uSwitch

I honestly thought it was great – venue was good, talks were all informative, actionable and useful and it’s a great friendly vibe where everyone openly shares and takes a lot away from it. I’d heard good things before and it lived up to expectations!

Kevin Gibbons - Managing Director, BlueGlass

UnGagged London 2016 was yet another event packed with the who’s who of the SEO and online marketing industry, not only including European heavyweights but also true rockstars from the US. In terms of networking opportunities and expertise transfer UnGagged remains a unique format and one of the few events always worth attending, both in London and in Las Vegas. After speaking for three times at UnGagged I’m already looking forward to the next opportunity to attend. It’s gold for online business.

Kaspar Szymanski - Co-Founder, SearchBrothers

I really enjoyed my two days at this year’s UnGagged London 2016. It was great to hear from, and network with, some of the industry’s best thought leaders in a discreet environment. With actionable tips and real-world examples you gain honest insight into white, grey and black-hat techniques that allow you to form your own strategies as a digital marketer.

Because none of the talks are recorded or shared, it was great to see speakers talk about failed campaigns too, rather than just regurgitating the same old success stories. Unlike some of the other big conferences, there are three parallel tracks allowing you to pick sessions inline with your own expertise or strategies. I look forward to Vegas and attending London again next year.

James Bavington - Director, StrategiQ

UnGagged continues to play a critical role in the digital conference scene by providing a forum free of the constraints of corporate politics, without imposing its own ideologies, and without overly shaping its content. If we’re to be the best marketers that we can be, we need to be able to share and learn freely – and sometimes that means needing an environment like UnGagged to allow people to say what they really think, and to share their best material.

Jono Alderson - Global Head of Digital, Linkdex

The UnGagged Conference was one of the most enjoyable conferences I have been to. The speakers told stories and gave knowledge that you can’t find anywhere else, even online. It was also the first conference where I felt that I could say anything without the fear of offending any pussy white hats.

Jim Boykin - CEO and Founder, Internet Marketing Ninjas

Speaking at UnGagged is not like speaking at any other digital marketing event. You have the opportunity to be honest and upfront about the approaches that are and are not getting results right now, in an environment where practitioners at the cutting edge of digital marketing learn from each other.

Hannah Thorpe - Head of SEO,

UnGagged is one of my favorite conferences in the SEO and Marketing industry, and I look forward to it every season. UnGagged speakers are some of the top professionals in our industry, with unique specialities and experiences. On top of this, UnGagged’s “embargoed” format allows these speakers to candidly share information that I have not seen on a stage anywhere else. Being at UnGagged makes you feel like you’re part of a special circle of industry professionals, each sharing our best information with each other, all with the common goal of trying to improve our skills and make our businesses better. I love the brilliant, creative, and generous friends I’ve met here.

As a speaker, the whole UnGagged community makes you feel incredibly welcome and taken-care-of. The UnGagged staff is unparalleled in their organization of the event, from registration to hotel accommodations to the parties. The team stay on top of all of the details and make sure you can focus on delivering your material to a truly information-hungry audience. I love speaking at UnGagged because I know I can trust the staff to make my life run “on schedule” and have a great time.

Emily Grossman - Mobile Marketing Specialist, MobileMoxie

UnGagged to me is a very special event. It brings together many different top level minds, but it also offers something special: the content of those minds. UnGagged gives you the opportunity to dive in just that little bit deeper on topics. Because people share more and because they are open to hang out with you and discuss their thoughts and ideas. It’s beyond sharing black hat tactics, it’s about sharing the extra mile.

Bas van den Beld - Founder, State of Digital