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Converting Intent to Action – Traffic is vanity, conversion is sanity

London 2017 | 14 - 16 June 2017 | 15:30

If you are spending time, money and effort driving qualified traffic to a website then you need that to deliver on business outcomes.

You buy and build traffic for user intent. But if you don’t optimise the experience on the site for that intent then most of that value is never realised.

If you look to build productive traffic for your company or clients, if you place value and focus the ROI that is achieved then this session is for you.

Apply some science to delivering results to your site and your clients
Learn conversion optimisation approaches which can solve key issues that impact your CPA and the bottom line
Build volume, but convert efficiently.
Gain budget for your next campaign by maximising the opportunity you have already paid for

Too many marketers are focused on reducing CPA through reducing the cost (and often quality) of traffic to hit volume or ranking targets

Too few pay attention to what makes traffic valuable to the business, rather than their own KPIs.

They look to buy more cheaply, try to get links for less effort, but never question how that impacts the bottom line or moves the business forward.

Traffic that didn’t bounce is not quality traffic unless you make it valuable. Brute force volume will only get you so far

Even if you aren’t actively testing yourself you need to consider Conversion Optimisation.

This is your chance to learn from one of the best in the country, a practitioner who has run thousands of tests in many different market sectors

This session will cover how to identify opportunity, how to look beyond ranking and bounce rates.

How to identify where traffic is being lost once it has been acquired, how to improve traffic retention and increase productive outcomes

How to use CRO and analytics to improve the results you achieve from marketing activity and budgets

How to optimise for appropriate outcomes depending on the intent

Brand & head terms do not convert users in the same way that long tail matches do.

Conquest traffic from competitors looks for something different than repeat buyers

The user expects something different, the persona you target will have different motivations, different tolerance for poor UX and mismatched messaging

Conversion to sale is a very different proposition for a high demand low margin product than lead generation for a high-value low-frequency sale

You optimise search traffic to suit, you buy CPC competitively.

But if you aren’t considering what happens after they land and get deeper into the site, you’ll never show the real value

The approach you need for a dedicated landing page will be different than a homepage, blog, product detail page or user guide.

But each of these has value in the research and buying cycle.

Takeaways will include

Data techniques and tools you can use to identify issues
Ways to quantify and present the value of changes to the client and developers
Examples for key templates and common scenarios
Ways to optimise for retention goals, lead gen and research visits as well as the more usual ecommerce goals

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