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Martin Chillcott
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Customer Relationship Marketing. The Who? The Why? The How?

Customer Relationship Marketing. The Who? The Why? The How? | 1 - 1 January 1970 |
As marketers we only have 3 jobs – find and attract the best customers, hang onto them, help them spend more. Using examples from the 90s to 2018, find out how people really ‘tick’ and how you can help them consider, buy and stay with your brand…and recommend to their friends.
You’ll find out: What type of relationship do customers really want with a brand? (if at all).  ‘Big data’ can tell us all about the customer, but how do we know what’s important? What exactly does everyone mean by customer ‘engagement’? What can I do about all this?
You’ll also find out why a 19th century thinker, a 1940s Hungarian management consultant and an American criminal mastermind, are the Fathers of modern Customer Marketing strategy.
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