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Experimentation will make you API

London 2018 | 11 - 13 June 2018 | 14:00

One of the challenges of Digital Marketing is that there are so many data points and sources which need to be considered.
As digital marketers we can’t look at each data set in isolation, conversion and optimisation requires us to look at the combined impact of proposition, marketing and consumer experience. We also need to be able to present the key data points to the stakeholders in a format they can more easily digest and take action

The issue as with everything is time – getting, cleaning, analysing data and then putting it into a consumable format can be prohibitive. If there is data available that you aren’t able to use, then there are opportunities and risks which are hidden from the people who need them most.

When working to optimise conversion this limits how well you can plan, the effectiveness of the tests you will run, and ultimately the value it will deliver.

This session will walk you through the ways you can use and abuse data from beginner level low cost stacks right the way to fully automated insights, covering:

Common data sources and the standard reports you can use at any level to identify opportunities to test

Key analytics reports and setup considerations for getting started in testing and how these develop as your experimentation matures

This practical walkthrough will include examples for how to build a reporting stack for beginner, intermediate and more advanced setups

You’ll leave with ideas and tools to try, reports to set up and better clarity on the path towards a more data driven optimisation strategy

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