Ross Tavendale
Managing Director - Type A Media
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How the pandemic killed digital PR – Link Building

London 2021 | 19 November 2021 | 15:45

A deep dive into what has happened in the world of high end link building and how the pandemic has dramatically changed the way journalist interact with SEOs.

In this session we will cover:

– What has happened to the media over the last 18 month
-Thingers – do we need to spend so much on fancy content?
-Is it just fancy link building?
-Traditional Link Building vs Digital PR – what get’s results?
-The traps agencies fall into whilst building campaigns?
-What everone is doing and the true cost of these activities
-How to consistenly get high end links from campaigns?
-Why is everyone now talking about it? Does it actually move the needle?
-A framework for measuring the value of your links

The key audience are business owners and heads of departments that want to cut through the noise and get consistent links for their business without the fluff and pomp associated with digital PR.

From this session you will:

-Get actionable plans to take back to your team to build campaigns
-Tools and insights into how the content is made that gets links
-Tips on dealing with PR agencies and what red flags to avoid
-Measuring what your links are worth


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