Dixon Jones
Dixon Jones
CEO - Inlinks Optimization LTD
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How to build a Knowledge Graph – Organic SEO

London 2021 | 19 - 19 November 2021 |

Inlinks has built its own Knowledge Graph – one of the largest in the world outside Google’s. With it we can build Knowledge Graphs of any website and corpus of content. This talk will go into some of the ideas we used and why creating Knowledge Graphs is a precursor to Natural Language Understanding for machines.

You’ll learn:

  • How to build your own knowledge graphs (with or without coding)
  • Why having this skill gives you a marketing edge
  • How to optimize your content using Knowledge Graphs instead of Keywords.
The Venue

Where is it?

8 Fenchurch Place is located through a large white doorway right next door to Fenchurch Street mainline station – also a short walk from Tower Hill underground and DLR stations. It’s also well within a 15 minute walk of Aldgate, Bank and Monument Stations.

8 Fenchurch Place
United Kingdom
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