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Leverage Augmented Analytics for Conversion Insights

Las Vegas 2017 | 13 - 15 November 2017 | 15:30

This is not a technical session, but will show you new ways to use your analytics to take control.
There will be examples of more complex set ups but coding skills are not required, just a desire to see improved results.

This is intended to challenge the audience to think deeper about what they track and report against by illustrating specific examples where intelligent application of analytics data has yielded significant value.
If you have identified a business need but are still hunting for a solution within your data, this will help guide your investigation. If you can see that sales KPIs are not being met or CPAs are prohibitive but can’t identify which parts of the purchase journey need attention, this will show you ways to rebalance the cost/value equation to your benefit. It will explain how data can show you what buyers do in more detail so you can replicate more reliably, but also investigate why non-buyers have not converted and how you can address the things that stop them.

This session will cover tools, tips and techniques to setup, analyse and generate actionable insight from your data, based on lessons learned in over 18 years as a digital specialist. It will demonstrate use cases for Google Analytics features and show ways a conversion consultant uses them to identify and quantify problems affecting business objectives.
The session will include:

· Real-world examples, data and results of intelligent application of analytics to business problems
· Examples using user journey steps and use cases commonly found in eCommerce and lead generation
· Set-up, collection, analysis and interpretation of your site tracking with a focus on improving performance
· Configuration options and tools that are less well-known or used but can provide real value
· How to build deeper understanding of micro-conversions and their relationship to page and user objectives
· Custom segmentation and slicing for deeper analysis and more nuanced targeting

The Venue

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3801 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States
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