Matt Whelan
Matt Whelan
Digital Strategy Director - The Specialist Works
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Mastering Video Marketing II

London 2018 | 11 - 13 June 2018 | 13:30

How do I utilise my video assets for maximum results? How do I measure video success? What technical tricks can I use to get the most from YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms?

Matt will talk you through the answer to these questions and more, with hands-on tips on video deployment through YouTube, social media and online video platforms. This session will cover maximising organic video visibility as well as the most effective tactics in paid video promotion. Matt will also discuss the role of video within your channel mix and how you translate video KPIs into business success metrics, including integrating with your TV activity.

Takeaways from Matt’s session:
– Which types of video ad to use for your acquisition strategy
– Tactics to improve your YouTube visibility
– Tactics to improve paid video ad ROI

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