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Guy Sheetrit
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Negative SEO & CTR effects on ranking

London 2016 | 23 - 24 June 2016 | 16:15

If a page is ranking in position 6, but gets a higher than expected CTR, Google may decide to seed this ranking higher because of the sudden burst of traffic that your site is generating. What does this mean for potential seo strategies? This means that further experimentation was needed in order to find out exactly to what extent does CTR effectively affect search engine result pages. The team of Over The Top Seo, under the direct supervision of Guy Sheetrit, has an ambitious experiment underway in which they are trying to settle this issue for good. Apart from effectively isolating CTR as an independent variable, we are also using truly organic traffic to see if we can influence a group of websites located at various levels in ranking page results. This is information and results we will only release at Ungagged.

Does google prioritize sites with higher CTR
Is CTR a ranking factor in organic results?
Does CTR affect search engine result pages?
Does competitor negative seo affect rankings?
Is negative seo as hard to perform as the experts really claim?

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UnGagged is the only SEO conference to focus on real-word strategies that deliver real-world ROI, and UnGagged London 2018 was no different. We took over Leonardo Royal Hotel London St Paul’s (Formerly The Grange, St Paul’s) over 11th-13th June 2018 to bring you the latest instalment of no-BS advice. By banning recording devices, we ensure our content is exclusive and actionable – the information you gain won’t be obsolete by the time you return to the office.

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