Merry Morud
Senior Creative Strategist - Aimclear®
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Psychographic Display Revolution: Lead-Gen for Attention, Conversion, & Community

London 2017 | 14 - 16 June 2017 | 13:00

The revolution of optimise-for-you algorithms and machine-learning AI is already taking over traditional bid, placement, and optimisation strategies making human marketers nearly obsolete. Marketers seeking to keep their jobs and stay relevant must master tactics that can ACTUALLY differentiate brands and cut through the cluttered digital space while maintaining spend efficiency.

In this session, social industry veteran, Merry Morud will detail a case study that successfully tapped a 16.5 billion-dollar ($USD), under-served market using NO third-party data; creative strategies that crushed landing page conversion rates, as high as 40%; and converted new members at under-goal CPAs.

Attendees won’t just be dazzled by data and a dream, they’ll take away candid, end-to-end campaign tactics to successfully recreate and measure similar, scalable campaigns. Marketers will learn to catapult conversion rates through cohesive creative, and master audience targeting and acquisition with surgical psychographic precision.

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