Bartosz Góralewicz
CEO - Elephate Agency
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RankBrain Stress Tested: How it Works and Can it Be Manipulated?

Las Vegas 2016 | 13 - 16 November 2016 | 11:00

This session is for all those who want to understand what all the recent buzz about RankBrain is really about and use it to your advantage. No filler content here. This session is based on the SEO experiments done after studying all the available patents and data shared by Googlers.

I will share my experiments, research, and the journey I took to stress test RankBrain’s algorithm and show both it’s strong and weak spots.

Key Takeaways from this session:

RankBrain explained.
Google Algorithms and myths around them (e.g. “RankBrain looking at your backlinks”)
RankBrain’s relationship with Hummingbird
Results of my RankBrain experiment
How can you use RankBrain to your advantage?

The Venue

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3801 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States
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