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Debunking the SEO Mindcrimes

London 2017 | 14 - 16 June 2017 | 15:30

What’s an SEO Mindcrime? A lie told to you on purpose by someone in authority to take your money, your rankings, and your dignity.

What a wanker, right?

Want proof? How many times have you fallen for the Facebook post from a self-anointed “Guru” who claims, “Who else want to learn about “X Technique”? Just say “yes” in the comments, and I will give you more info via PM.”

If you say “yes” your money and dignity will be soon parted.

At UnGagged, we pride ourselves in the NO BULLSHIT approach, and it is also why we have Jerry West making his fifth appearance at UnGagged. His sessions are always packed, and for a good reason, he delivers actionable methods while sitting on stage drinking beer with Iron Maiden cranking in the background.

This year in London, Jerry has agreed to combine his session with one of the best SEO domainers and PBN architects on the planet, Mark Wardi from Stockholm. In an unprecedented session, Mark and Jerry won’t just uncover the Mindcrimes you are being sold, but they will name names and show you exactly how you should be using domains to dominate any market.

Yes, they will name names.

How can you dominate your market? You know that links will be the most important ranking factor for quite some time. That’s not changing. Link brokers, Spam software, and renting PBNs can get you close, but you just know in your gut there is a better way.

There is.

It’s all about control. Think about it. What would be better than having high authoritative links pointing to your money sites from properties you own, you control and surround those links with relevant content and using the anchor text YOU want.

This isn’t rocket science, this is pure unadulterated intentional domination, which you CAN achieve.

After Mark and Jerry’s session you will know:

How to use domain metrics in your favor
How to go through hundreds of available domains quickly and easily using Excel
The key characters of a great domain
Three MUST do steps before spending a dime on a domain
How to properly host and setup your domain
How to turn an irrelevant domain into a relevant one
Uncovering the “unsaid” about anchor texts
Q & A

And we can’t get all this awesomeness into just a one-hour session; it will be a FULL two hours including Q&A. This is going to be THE no-miss session at UnGagged. We will keep Mark and Jerry well stocked with beer, so their filters are completely off.

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