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Len Foley
CEO - New Horizon Health, Inc
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Three 20-Minute List and Product Building Strategies that Will Immediately Transform Your Online Business

Las Vegas 2015 | 9 - 11 November 2015 | 14:00

Session One: Facebook Marketing on Steroids! Secrets from my partner’s online Facebook platform that gets between 200,000 – 250,000 new fans per month, tens of thousands of shares per day, and close to 200 million people engaged PER WEEK (yes, those are accurate numbers — and it’s been going on for close to nine months — without spending a single cent). How my partner built this Facebook machine in less than a week. What he’s doing to generate so much interest in his posts (more than a dozen posts have gotten over 500,000+ shares) and most get between 5,000 – 50,000 on-average likes. You have never seen anything like this and you won’t believe how powerful a Facebook page with 1.4 million fans (and growing) can be.

Session Two: Email Marketing Secrets Nobody Is Telling You About…. or why a qualified email list, regardless of the size, can be worth it’s weight in gold — and how to build one fast. Session includes: the best list rental companies that we’ve tested, how to know if you are paying too much for a mailing, the cheapest way to acquire legal opt-in subscribers, and the top five most important tips we’ve learned from sending out over 2 million emails each month.

Session Three: Product Creation Secrets Nobody Is Telling You About… and why creating (or finding) incredible products is the cornerstone of any lasting business success. Session includes: Why marketing other people’s products is the quickest way to make other people rich (and how to start creating – or buying – your own). The mechanics of the sale: Should you rent or own your own warehouse? Should you outsource production or build your products in-house? How to know if your product will sell before you start mass-producing a single one. If you are going to sell other people’s products, the two things you absolutely need to make sure do before the first promotion. What we’ve learned from creating dozens of bestselling online products over the past 15 years and hundreds of physical products over the past 5 years.

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3801 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States
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