Marty Weintraub
Marty Weintraub
Founder - Aimclear®
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Social? Psychographics? Data? SEO? PR? Content? PPC? What the hell is Marketing Now ANYWAY!

London 2017 | 14 - 16 June 2017 | 09:00

Marketing tactics are blurred more than ever. Social channels are actually big display networks and SEO can be purchased with sponsored content which search engines somehow index. Lookalikes and retargeting often outperform top-of-funnel psychographics.

Marketers run cutthroat search PPC campaigns to curated social audiences and retarget filtered by financial qualification, intent data and other psychographics. PR and SEO are inexorably wound and native advertising disrupts. Targeting is explicit, distribution ubiquitous, retargeting pervasive and filtered. In other words, It’s an AWESOME time to be a marketer! Are YOU ready to take the challenge?

Join US Search Award winner and perennial speaker fave Marty Weintraub for a no-holds barred shredding session to demystify the new, blended, universe of search and social, paid and organic marketing. You’ll leave inspired to:

Spank social, integrated with search. Generate leads, sales, subscriptions, downloads, installs and other KPIs
Distribute content to media players and other influencers, from podcasters and bloggers to morning show hosts and assignment editors
Master realities of CPA-effective multi-touch sales environments
Mine next gen’ competitive intelligence for radical insights to drive content, PR & SEO
Untangle the twisted TAO of paid and organic search and social.
Get started and determine what to do FIRST. Create a reasonable marketing plan, using the right tactics and channels

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