Lidia Infante
Senior SEO Strategy Lead - Rise At Seven
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What it Takes for International SEO – All your questions answered from Strategy, Technical and Content Outreach – International SEO

London 2021 | 19 November 2021 | 11:30

With a near perfect international SEO configuration, you still won’t get traffic, and if you do it could be that something stops you from getting the conversions. Gerry has been working on international SEO for nearly 15 years focusing on data, analytics and SEO for enterprise clients, sharing what he has learnt he will be joined by Lidia who heads up the international team at Rise at Seven

Lidia has been focusing on the cultural and digital PR aspects of international sites, Lidia has been working on traffic generation for travel, e-commerce, jobs sites and more, Gerry and Lidia often argue in the office but can work together to ensure the strategy for clients is all encompassing, it often goes beyond what could be termed classic SEO.

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