Akiva Ben-Ezra

Owner - SEO Kings

Akiva Ben-Ezra is the owner of Israel-based SEO Kings, which helps small to medium businesses, both in the US and worldwide, to gain market share worldwide. As a speaker and panelist at international Internet marketing conferences and through webinars, he teaches non-experts how to understand difficult web concepts and methods and put them to work building revenues and sales.

There's a lot of great attendees here, great speakers; it's a great group of people.

Speaker Interview

This interview is taken from Akiva Ben-Ezra’s interview with Murray Newlands at UnGagged Las Vegas 2015:

Murray Newlands: Who are you and what do you do?

Akiva Ben-Ezra:My name is Akiva Ben-Ezra, I’m the CEO of Ben-Ezra Marketing. I have an SEO company based in Jerusalem, Israel, and we do a lot of local SEO and a lot of online video marketing.

Murray: What are you speaking about at the conference?

Akiva: I spoke about online video domination and how to dominate Google with Youtube videos, how to get your Youtube videos to make number 1 on Google and Youtube, and how to steal your competitors’ traffic using YouTube videos.

Murray: What other sessions have you been to?

Akiva: Jacob had a great session on SEO, I was at some of the keynotes which were great, Jerry’s session was great on black hat SEO, and there were some good Amazon tips.

Murray: What have been some of the good conversations you’ve had here?

Akiva: I had some great conversations about outsourcing, instead of the Philippines which I’ve been using, about Venesvalia which I’ll probably check out. Some other great SEO tips I’ve picked up from the different attendees and speakers, there’s a lot of great attendees here, great speakers; it’s a great group of people.

Murray: If you were to summarise UnGagged in one sentence, what would it be?

Akiva: Uncensored, great marketing content.

Why UnGagged loves them:

Wise beyond his years, this young, successful SEO, PPC and video marketing professional is returning to the UnGagged stage once again this November. Akiva brings with him his optimum knowledge in driving new clients to businesses in a wide range of niches using SEO; explaining his complex methods and tactics used in his own SEO agency, SEO Kings.

Join Akiva to learn how anyone can create their own digital real estate empire, via digital assets, local rankings, and lead generation, in his session titled, How to Dominate Local Niches with Digital Assets & Lead Gen’. For his second session, Akiva joins forces with friend and industry expert; Shlomo Wiesen; to dive into all things to do with scaling your online business, titled How to Scale Your Online Business with Underrated Outsourcing Options’.