Brad Gosse

Founder - Vectortoons

Brad Gosse is a self-taught marketer with 15 years of online marketing experience. After dropping out of high school, he started on his path to success launching his first website, an adult entertainment website, in 1997. He worked in the online adult entertainment industry for over 10 years and was on the cutting edge of many of the technologies that we now take for granted such as streaming video and online chat. He held the number two Google search engine result position for the word porn for 18 months straight.

In 2007, he made the switch to more mainstream marketing and now sells over 300 in tangible marketing products which are all run by employees and automated systems, leaving him time to pursue new business ventures and develop new products.

In 2012 Brad published his first book: Chronic Marketer which became a best seller internationally.

Brads home is on 10 acres of land in Ontario, Canada, which he shares with his vegan cookbook author wife Claire and their dog and three cats. Brad, a practicing vegan and animal lover, enjoys all the manly pursuits: sports cars, video games, weed and the occasional manicure and pedicure.

Speaker Interview
What projects are you working on at the moment? is my current focus. Building a catalog of stock cartoon graphics for graphic designers.

How do you decide on which goals to pursue?

I focus on the shiniest ones first and drop them if they fizzle. I am driven more by excitement than metrics.

What drives you?

My laziness and desire to do the minimum amount of work for the most result.

Who inspires you?

People who make huge exits from their companies. Was there ever a moment when you thought ‘I’m going to give this up, it won’t work’ Every day I have at least one of those “moments” LOL.

Where will you be in 10 years?

At my 50th birthday party. Hopefully on a yacht LOL.

How enlightened is the digital marketing industry becoming?

I think we are all still in the toddler phase of this category. So much new ground is being broken, I think we are all far from the enlightenment stage 🙂

Specifically from which arena of the interactive world do you think the next clutch of thought leaders will rise?


What’s more important to you; privacy or infamy?

Infamy. I don’t have much privacy thanks to the over-sharing I do on social media.

If you had the opportunity to change anything in this new digital era, what would that be?

I think one of the downsides to this era is the proliferation of fake news, facts etc. These days you can publish fake stories that damage people and companies and if done correctly the story will go viral. Many people believe what they read online as if it’s gone through the same level of journalistic integrity as a newspaper story.

Do you think social media is here to stay or will everyone get sick of it?

I think it’s here to stay. It feeds peoples ego’s to post their highlight reels for everyone to see.

If you could choose the next President of the USA who would that be and why?

Bill Gates. He’s not in anyones pocket and he’s on a mission to change the world for the better.

Growing up, what do you think led you down the path of becoming a disruptive type of entrepreneur?

Being a bad kid in school taught me that I could change the rules and get away with it most of the time. I still act like that bad kid in a lot of ways.

Did you have any mentors as a child?

One man said he was my mentor. But he made me take baths with him 😉

So what do you think gave you the confidence to take the big risks?

In the beginning it was having nothing to lose. Today it’s knowing that big risks have big reward potential.

What’s the best part of your day?

Hanging out with my wife and unwinding.

Are you a regular user of the BHW forum and if so why?

No I don’t spend much time on forums these days.

Why do you want to speak at the BHW endorsed Ungagged conference?

Because the audience will be more advanced and prepared for a higher level presentation. Most conferences I speak at are for newbies and people salting out. I expect this crowd to be ready for a talk that’s more techie than my usual.