Christian A. Dumais

Creative Director - Elephate

Christian A. Dumais has been a writer for over two decades with numerous articles, essays and short stories published in a variety of outlets. His books include the short story collection Empty Rooms Lonely Countries, the euphictional anthology Cover Stories, and A West Coast Thing.

Christian is also the creator behind Twitter’s pop culture sensation @DRUNKHULK, which accumulated nearly 200,000 followers and was featured in numerous publications like Time (“One of our favorite funnymen!”) Rolling Stone and more, as well as on CNN, Comedy Central, MTV, and NPR (“People get paid a LOT of money to write comedy who are not one tenth as funny as @DRUNKHULK.”). Boing Boing said that Christian was “one of the three or four people who make it seem possible that Twitter can spawn something like art.” In 2014, the book Smashed: The Life and Tweets of Drunk Hulk was published, which also received media attention and was favorably reviewed.

Christian’s success with @DRUNKHULK and social media lead to a secondary career as a public speaker at numerous social media conferences and events around Europe and as a stand-up comedian, which has allowed him to perform at packed-houses in and around Poland. His most recent hour-long comedy show “Here’s the Thing!” was sold out in three different Polish cities. Manolith said that Christian is “funny, waxing poetic on pop culture in curt and hilarious ways,” and Heavy said to “expect to find Mark Twain-esque quips.”

In 2017, all of these skills came together when he was hired as the Creative Director at Elephate – the “Best Small SEO Agency” in Europe, where his outsider status in SEO has translated into great valuable content with a lot of traffic and links. Now he’s writing and producing new content, managing Elephate’s social media, and standing on stage at UnGagged Las Vegas. Let’s do this!