Cosmin Negrescu

Cosmin Negrescu

CEO and Founder -

Cosmin Negrescu is the founder and CEO of, a tool that brings a new and better way of predicting and measuring SEO performance. He launched the product after managing his own digital agency for 7 years. In addition to his work at, Cosmin is an active partner at, a private equity and venture capital firm.

Speaker Interview
Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Cosmin Negrescu, I’m the CEO and Founder of It’s not another software product for SEO analytics and we’re developing this product for 4 years now, and we’re trying to get the market as fast as possible. We feel that we have a market fit now, and we’re trying to communicate it.

What’s been your experience at this conference?

It’s great, it’s my second time at UnGagged. The first time my expectations were lower and it was clearly above my expectations, actually I think it’s way better than SMX, for example, which is a better brand. That’s because you learn a lot from these sessions, it’s more practical, and people are really giving advice from their experience and showing their numbers and everything. At the same time, I feel that from the point of networking, it’s great as well. People are more relaxed and are willing to connect and share information; and that’s not happening everywhere.

If you were to summarise UnGagged in one sentence, what would it be?

I think it’s an event that is really sincere and not commercial at all.