Damien Trevatt

Founder - UnGagged

Damien Trevatt is a serial consumer internet guy, online investor, and developer and CEO of UnGagged. He will be sitting on a number of panel discussions and opening the UnGagged 2017 event. Catch him at the networking events and around the conference.

AKA Diamond Damien, the owner of BlackHatWorld.com he’s a family guy and rugby nut. From tractor driver to online investor and web-based turnaround professional running multi-million visitor and dollar sites. Involved in the online world since 1994 through early internet start-ups it’s been a blast. Now helping others with their online ride through consulting, conferences and forums.

Since the early days of the commercial internet, Damien has been heavily involved in online marketing, specifically for the health niche. Currently running his own online consultancy firm “Not a digital agency” specializing in online investment and business development/turn-around for early-stage internet start-ups and those that need a refresh. He also owns and runs BlackHatWorld.com recognized as the best forum for discussions about Internet Marketing and money making techniques online.

Speaker Interview
Murray Newlands here at UnGagged, having a great time in London. What I want to know, Damien, is what’s happening in Las Vegas?

Well Vegas Murray, thanks for coming to London; we’ve got some great stuff lined up. We’ve got Bing coming from Microsoft, we’ve got a great session down in Tropicana again in Las Vegas. It’s from the 9th until the 11th of November, we’re really looking forward to it. Lots of great SEO tips, lots of great new stuff that’s coming, so we’re really looking forward to Vegas.

Now, you were telling me you were speaking to Shoemoney, and he was saying it was one of the best conferences he’s ever been to, desperate to come back again; really wants to speak. Why do you think UnGagged has had this response?

We like to think that were different from any other conference. We’re allowing the speakers to really lead the sessions. They’re all professional speakers, they know what they’re talking about; they don’t need to be led. So, what we do is open up the floor to them, and just say, come, talk, make it SEO based but share your latest information, share what you see what’s going on in the market, and that’s really worked for us. Also for the attendees, they get a lot out of it too.

What do you think is the most common, most important issues that people have been discussing at this conference in London?

In London, it seems to be a lot about speed and a lot about usability. So, actually making sure when people come to your site, they stay on your site. Not just sticky content anymore, it’s about the speed of the site, it’s about access to the site. It’s making sure as well that it has constant up time and just usability, so when people land on your site, they actually want to be there. You can do all the SEO in the world, get yourself number 1, but if they don’t want to be there and they’re getting a crappy user experience; they’re going to leave. So, make sure you sort out your user experience first.