Dawn Anderson

Dawn Anderson

Managing Director - Move It Marketing

Upcoming Sessions:

Make the subtle nuances of duplicate content types work for you at scale

November 15, 2017 11:30am - 12:30pm - Track no: 1

Dawn Anderson has been involved in SEO for over a decade and works with clients across varied verticals as diverse as sports betting, personal injury, home insurance, travel and fashion. She also develops and runs lead generation and ecommerce projects. Her major focus is on strategic technical, architectural and dynamic data-driven SEO on large sites and using crawl efficiency competitively. However, she also has a Master of Science in digital marketing strategy and lectures on search marketing and analytics at Manchester Metropolitan University. She is a US, UK, EU, MENA and Northern Digital Search Awards judge.

Why UnGagged loves them:

Dawn Anderson wears many hats, besides being an international SEO Consultant and Strategist, she holds aPg Dip DigMa & MSc, is a lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, and judge for the EU & UK Search Awards. Over the years she has worked with industry-leading digital marketing agencies and brands on enterprise SEO campaigns across fashion, legal, auto, travel, telecoms, insurance and gambling. Her goal is to develop organic search and digital strategies to generate high volume traffic and conversion for enterprise and SME sites.

At Las Vegas this year, Dawn is holding not one, but two thought-provoking sessions. Join her on the 14th in Winning via crawl efficiency through ongoing server log file analysis systems to discover how to undertake server log file analysis for some of the quickest wins in SEO. On the 15th, Dawn will discuss how to take your traffic to the next level using on-page and internal link optimization signals in her session titled Make the subtle nuances of duplicate content types work for you at scale’.