Ilan Nass

Ilan Nass

Founder - Taktical, SEOWholesalers

Ilan Nass is the founder of Taktical (, a digital marketing consultancy that specializes in working with web and technology startups. Taktical has been named one of the fastest growing digital agencies in America. With the team based in New York City, Taktical has worked with clients ranging from popular tech startups like and Fueled (for whom he serves as Head of Marketing), to major Fortune 500 clients like Chase.

Taktical clients have earned millions of dollars using Ilan’s strategies and achieved traffic statistics in the millions.

Ilan also founded, a web platform that provides white label SEO services for companies around the world who want to offer digital marketing to their clients.

With a background in sales and trained in the Jordan Belfort method of influence, Ilan has built a reputation in the New York City tech community as a marketing and startup growth expert. Ilan has experience in starting and growing new web companies, raising money, hiring superstar employees and pivoting. He is also a noted writer for