Jacob Hagberg

Jacob Hagberg

Founder - Orange Fox

Speaking at his 4th UnGagged event, Jacob Hagberg is a Majestic Ambassador, Speaker for SEMrush and brings the edginess and No-BS approach that UnGagged attendees love.

We could tell you Jacob Hagberg made over $1,000,000 online in 2014, or that he’s only a 28 year old guy that did it from his parent’s basement or how he’s running one of the largest SEO services on Black Hat World. But no one cares about that. What you care about is how he’s doing it and how you can get in on the action.

Jacob knows what it takes to grow an internet marketing business from zero to hero without drinking the Kool Aid. Known as the “guy who gets mobbed after his sessions” here’s his personal message to you: This conference is all about YOU. This isn’t about gurus pimping their own self-proclaimed, get rich quick products. Following my session, I will make myself personally available to YOU to answer any questions about SEO. I want you to get real value and something special by attending.

Speaker Interview
Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Jacob Hegberg. I’m an SEO consultant for a company called Orange Fox.

What were you speaking about?

I’m speaking about technical SEO and helping people fix their websites, and I’ll also be speaking about reputation management, and repairing a bad reputation.

What’s been your experience at UnGagged?

This is my third time here, and this is one of the only conferences that I actually speak at because I love coming here. The people are great, the attendees are great, and in general the hospitality is great at every conference we go to.

What’s been your favourite talk that you’ve been to?

Favourite talk that I’ve been to, is definitely Joe. Just another speaker that is always on the circuit here, always bring new things, ideas, new ways to think about things.

If you could summarise your experience at UnGagged, what would it be?

Everybody is open, upfront, talks transparently, tells you how it is, no BS, straight forward, and you learn something. You cut through all the BS and you just get the answer that you’re looking for. You don’t waste time going down a path that you shouldn’t have to go down and you learn from other people’s experiences that have done it before you.

What is the best thing about UnGagged?

The best thing about UnGagged is the atmosphere, the culture that we have created here. This being our third time, and going around it’s that intimate feeling, and now coming back and seeing people that you’ve met before over and over, and watching how their business has grown. How the speakers have impacted them and interacted with them, outside of their speaking session, help them really develop. I think that’s the biggest thing.