James Bavington

James Bavington

Director - StrategiQ

James Bavington is a Director at StrategiQ, a full service integrated marketing agency based in Ipswich. With a background in traditional graphic design, James naturally progressed onto the web and is an experienced self-taught front-end developer with a passion for SEO. Prior to joining forces with StrategiQ, James worked for almost ten years as a founding member at Creare, a full service agency based in the Midlands that work with small businesses. Remaining hands-on, James specialises in user experience, WordPress, Magento, Technical SEO and local search.

Speaker Interview

This snippet is taken from James Bavington’s interview with UnGagged prior to his session at UnGagged Las Vegas 2016:

UnGagged: Tell us a bit about your background and how you got started in SEO.

James Bavington: My career in digital really started after I graduated in traditional Graphic Design, specialising in digital design for the web. After joining a small agency who specialised in building websites for local businesses, I naturally moved into SEO as the golden age of SEO was in full swing.

From the moment I launched my first client’s website, I had a fascination with search rankings and a curiosity for how they could be improved by tweaking the website and building links. I remember seeing results quite quickly for all of my clients back-then and it was very rewarding and addictive!

Having worked in digital for over ten years now, my background has seen my role evolved from website design, to front-end development, technical SEO and now consulting as a director and partner of my own agency.

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