Jill Quick

Jill Quick

Co-Founder - The Coloring in Department

If you speak to people who have worked with me, or have been trained by me, they will tell you that I really love marketing, and I really do want more people to ‘get it’ – not just being entertained and knowing what it is, but actually get back to the office and bloody do it.

Even though I am super process driven, I have a solid appreciation for the art side of marketing, I am just not so hot at it. Hey, we are all different, you and I, Kim & Kanye, Thelma & Louise. Challenges = opportunities.
I have worked for some amazing brands from consulting, guest lecturing on Digital Marketing Masters programmes for Universities, Author for Smart Insights, and Digital Training in particular Lead Instructor for General Assembly, ISDI, The IDM and B2B Marketing.

Since having my kids, I am being a little more fearless, being a human notwithstanding, we all get nervous sometimes. Although, I love it when I’m on stage and start talking – I talk a lot.

In fact most people will say that I never shut up, at least about marketing.