Jonny Scott

Jonny Scott

CEO & Co-Founder - Caliber Interactive

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Jonathan (Jonny) Scott is CEO and Co-founder of Caliber, an agency built upon its name. It’s staff, its service and its values are that shared of each of the team and born of his experience in the industry for over a decade.

His value set, and that of Caliber is built of a solid experience in electronic engineering, mathematics, software, engineering consultancy, manufacturing and sales. Jonny prides himself on doing the right thing, and loves to travel and present in a range of different forums, invite only groups, and trade shows. A keen serial investor in a nunber of early stage start-ups, he is always looking for innovation and is fostering heritage relationships to help others. Jonny is constantly developing himself in all areas of product by working close to the product and implementing new standards that give his agency a leading edge. His mindset as a mentor is that to inspire individuals, teams, companies you need the right culture born of a set of values; – share respond practice process