Josh Shampo

Marketing Consultant - Ad Royale

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Josh Shampo is known for getting the seemingly impossible done, online or off. Josh took notice when a Russian company stole his client’s Google Maps listing using Google Map Maker. This process was used on over 300 businesses without mistake, and nobody successfully recovered their listing. Within two days, not only did Josh have the listing back with all the reviews, but he doubled his client’s listing to rank both #1 and #2 for the targeted keywords. The following week, everyone read the “Google Map Maker will be shutting down on March 31, 2017” message.

Josh is quick on his feet and always finds a way to take care of his clients’ problems. Whether it’s finding security holes in GoDaddy’s system, consulting on political races (25-2 record), or throwing out a 135mph speeding ticket as improper equipment without a day in law school, Josh finds a way. Just don’t ask him to code or use proper grammar.

Why UnGagged loves them:

Want to learn how profitable your website can be? Josh is your guy. His experience includes being the Marketing Director and Founder of Shampo Enterprises, a website consulting company; the Ethical Hacking Director of Illumantis Marketing, and a marketing contractor prior to these positions. His impact on the industry has been remarkable (just take a look at his part in shutting down Google Map Marker) and UnGagged is looking forward to welcoming him to the stage for the first time.

Learn how to find your competitor’s hidden links, cover your footprints and learn link discovery tools which most SEOs don’t know exist; all by attending Josh’s session. Join Josh and Ad Royale Co-Founder Michael Roper, in their ‘Brand Engagement Session – How To Cover Your Link Network’s Ass & Find Your Competitors Hidden Links’.

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