Mark Daoust

Founder and CEO - Quiet Light Brokerage, Inc.

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Mark Daoust is an entrepreneur, frequent speaker, and father of six children. He is the founder of Quiet Light Brokerage (founded in 2007), an M&A firm for Internet based businesses that helps fellow entrepreneurs prepare for six, seven, and eight-figure exits.

Quiet Light Brokerage takes a data driven approach that is guided by highly experienced entrepreneurs who have first-hand experience in acquisitions in the online space. This data-driven, expert guided approach allows Quiet Light to account for the intricacies of each individual business and develop a customized game plan unique to your business to maximize its value and ensure a smooth process. Many of Quiet Light Brokerage’s advisors are former clients who want to help other entrepreneurs realize a vision of a successful and profitable exit.

Before founding Quiet Light Brokerage, Mark build an online magazine for entrepreneurs with a subscription list of over 220,000 subscribers. Mark is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur, and has contributed to Inc., Forbes, Huffington Post, FoxNews, and many other publications.

Why UnGagged loves them:

Want to sell your website for maximum value? Mark Daoust is your guy. Founder and Director of a business brokerage firm, that specializes in the sale and acquisition of online businesses, Mark will bring some of the most advanced tactics and real case studies from actual transactions to UnGagged. Mark has built a team consisting only of entrepreneurs themselves who have bought, sold, and started significant online businesses.

Join Mark in his session titled ‘Advanced Tactics of Highly Successful Buyers and Sellers of Web Based Businesses Description’, to get the inside scoop on buying and selling online businesses, from the expert himself.