Mark Wardi

Co-Founder - AD Royale

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As a high-powered domain broker with human connections to almost every registrar, Mark Wardi held a competitive advantage above SEOs bidding on domains at auctions. This advantage gave him access to build a portfolio of domains he used to create the first marketplace for SEOs to acquire rare, high-end domains.

Mark experimented and found the best domain metrics needed to rank his own websites on Google. Today, Mark enjoys link building and testing. He is co-founder of Ad Royale, a digital marketing company working with clients and agencies, boasting an 85%+ retention rate of clients since 2014.

Why UnGagged loves them:

Mark Wardi is passionate about digital marketing and one of the best SEO domainers and PBN architects on the planet. What Mark doesn’t know about domains, isn’t worth knowing!

Mark joins the UnGagged speaking crew for the first time in London this year. He will be accompanying Jerry West to deliver an unprecedented session in which they will debunk all the SEOmindcrimes you are being told that hinder you from succeeding.