Matt Bentley

Matt Bentley

Founder -

Matt Bentley is Founder and Chief Scientist of, a new kind of SEO software focused on delivering actions rather than data, as well as Growth AI, a free tool that sifts through your SEO, social, and analytics data to identify your highest potential growth opportunities.

Matt combines legitimate data science cred – Stanford Engineering degree, professional training at MIT, protégé of Dean Abbott, speaker at Predictive Analytics World and the Global Big Data Conference – with over a decade’s experience leading growth marketing efforts at startup companies in the US and Europe, including as CEO of, Founder of,, and; and as a consultant for over a dozen other new ventures.

As an SEO, Matt prefers working with new startups and niche ecommerce stores with constrained budgets, laughable domain authority, and minimal content assets going up against entrenched billion+ dollar big brands whose SEO golfs weekly with Matt Cutts.

When not delighting in massively multidimensional data mining, you might find Matt sailing on the San Francisco Bay, queuing up for the Pliny the Elder, or climbing walls in Yosemite.