Matt Whelan

Digital Strategy Director - The Specialist Works

Upcoming Sessions:

Mastering Video Marketing

June 12, 2018 - Track no:

Matt Whelan is a veteran search marketer, with over 10 years’ hands-on experience running biddable media campaigns for brands of all sizes. Matt has also trained and put together biddable media teams for a number of agencies, equipping them to achieve excellence in delivery and build scalable tools and processes. Recently his focus has turned to video and programmatic TV, including the creation of a screen-neutral AV planning, delivery and reporting toolset for The Specialist Works.

Matt sits on the board of The Specialist Works, a multinational performance network, where he oversees digital delivery.

Why UnGagged loves them:

If you’ve been looking for a digital media expert, you’ve found one. Matt Whelan is the Digital Strategy Director for The Specialist Works, who is currently obsessed with digital media integration with offline media channels. This search veteran has had overall responsibility for multi-million-pound client budgets, successfully managing investment in SEO, Google AdWords, and other biddable media channels.