Maximiliano Lopez

Maximiliano Lopez

CEO and Founder - Lobo Digital Solutions

Maximiliano Lopez was born and raised in Australia to Chilean Parents. He has completed a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship and was completing in a Masters in EBusiness and Communication, until he questioned one of the Professors about outdated course work. Let’s just say they agreed to disagree and he moved on with two subjects to finish.

Fast Forward to now with a lot of experiences and adventures. Maximiliano is the owner and CEO of a Fully Funded BPO in the Philippines called Lobo Digital Solutions. They specialize in Reputation Management and have successfully repositioned people’s online reputation. They do this work by any means necessary and use different techniques, from PBN’s, rating sites, IMDB, Charity Sites, WIKI, Amazon, Ebay, YouTube, Social Media Sites, Press Releases, Events and more.

To demonstrate their skills to the local market in the Philippines we established , which literally means Election 2016. We also established and all related Social Media Sites. They are on Page 1 and 2 on Google competing with the biggest media companies in the Philippines, the website is currently for sale and we have begun talks with political parties.

On the side Maximiliano drift cars in the National Philippines League, Pro-Am which is National Competition, Married with Children and it’s not that bad if you meet the right woman. It is actually great. They save Street Cats in the Philippines and also work together, as she is his CFO.

Speaker Interview
Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Maximiliano Lopez, I own YourTeamInManila which is an outsourcing company from the Philippines. We came all the way from the Philippines, to Las Vegas, for this event.

What have you been speaking about?

I’ve been speaking about outsourcing, the 4 hour workweek, living the 4 hour workweek; how to set up an outsourcing company, how to make sure that your processes and outsourcing are doing really well.

What have been some of the talks that you’ve been to, that you’ve really liked?

I actually went to your talk (Murray Newlands), in relation to how to get PR. Being in the Philippines and working in emerging markets, I find that to be a really great talk, we’re going to be applying a lot of that. Went to Jerry West’s talk, in relation to black hatting Amazon, and ow to use Amazon to your best advantages, which I can’t really talk about here. That’s all I want to say about that, it was a fantastic talk. Dave Snyder had a great talk, so I went to a lot of talks. I’m an attendee as much as I am a speaker here.

What have been some of the best conversations you’ve had here?

I’m forming a contact in China that I’m having dinner with right now, literally I was sitting over there speaking with people right now, we’re establishing a working relationship for a distribution company for jewelry in the Philippines. So that’s pretty big business.

If you could summarise UnGagged in one sentence, what would it be?

This is the only event I make an effort to come in the entire world. I get asked to speak at certain events, I ask to participate at certain events, and I go for my own interest. This is an event where I want to give as much as I receive, and that’s why I always participate in UnGagged. I absolutely love it.