Michael Roper

Founder - Illuminatus Marketing

Michael Roper was caught hacking and got banned from computers in middle school. Today, he uses those same skills to rank his clients on Google, break the 0.5s website load time barrier, and conduct marketing experiments.

Michael is the founder of Illuminatus Marketing. He is the co-founder of the link building company Ad Royale with Mark Wardi (another UnGagged speaker). Most recently, he created Page.Builders, a managed WordPress hosting stack, with Josh Shampo.

Why UnGagged loves them:

Consider yourself a serious SEO expert? It’s time to meet Michael. He is the co-founder of Ad Royale, a digital marketing company working with clients and agencies, boasting an 85%+ retention rate of clients since 2014. New to UnGagged, we’re excited to see what link building secrets Michael has to reveal to attendees.

How much do you gamble with your link network? Do you think you have your footprints covered? Join Michael and fellow colleague at Ad Royale, Josh Shampo in their ‘Brand Engagement Session – How To Cover Your Link Network’s Ass & Find Your Competitors Hidden Links’.