Michael Stricker

Michael Stricker

Marketing Director - SEMrush

Michael Stricker is an international speaker who markets the leading research tool for Competitive Intelligence as U.S. Marketing Director of SEMrush. Hundreds of digital marketing consultations have delivered millions of impressions to SMB to enterprise web-based businesses, while decades of agency experience inform actionable strategies, creative concepts, scalable processes and do-able tactics to achieve business goals.

Michael has spoken at BrightonSEO, Pubcon, ClickZ Live, Etail, HERO Conference and SMX East, and contributes to blogs such as CIO.com, B2Community, SEMrush.com.

Speaker Interview
Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Mike Stricker, I’m the US Marketing Director for SEMrush.

What were you speaking about here?

I was speaking about the bottom of the funnel not being the ultimate goal and all of the things that you can do through SEO and other digital marketing methods, to get that extra extra bit of business from people who are really engaged customers of yours.

What are some of the talks you went to that you enjoyed?

Every session that I went to today was really awesome. I enjoyed Aleyda Solis, talking about international SEo, and she touched on mobile. I liked Brian Massey’s talk, again a lot of mobile conversation conversation taking place there. Every one of them was great.

What are some of the best conversations you’ve had here?

The conversations that we have go two ways. One is, I am a user of SEMrush, or I heard a speaker talking about the tool, and of course I love hearing that and there’s nothing better for the brand and to think that people are saying good things about you. The other great conversation is, simply that I have a little problem, I have this issue or that I’m trying to figure something out, and I can actually think of a way that our data can help people.

If you could summarise UnGagged in one sentence what would it be?

It is a show unlike any other because it sets a goal of being open and transparent, in ways that so many other shows are really not. Talking with you, eye to eye on the same level, I mean I only knew you on social media, I only saw you ever on blogs, and yet, I can actually talk to you. The accessibility of people who are very established in this industry, cannot be beaten. That’s for me, the great value.