Mordy Oberstein

CMO - Rank Ranger

After spending time as a teacher in Baltimore’s inner-city, Mordy began a career creating web content within the education industry. In 2016, Mordy took his talents to Rank Ranger serving as the company’s content manager. Mordy quickly took a strong interest in analyzing Google’s motivations, practices, and ranking constructs. With a seasoned background in data research, Mordy began analyzing Google’s ranking trends with a specific focus on the search engine’s SERP feature and algorithmic behavior.

Mordy currently serves as Rank Ranger’s CMO, but when not advancing the company’s brand he can be found producing data and analysis on Google’s ongoing evolution. Mordy is also the host of the In Search SEO Podcast, a Search Engine Land author, a notable industry speaker, and a host of #SEOchat on Twitter.

In short, Mordy is an ‘SEO educator’ who sometimes does marketing.

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