Paul Madden

Co-Founder - Kerboo

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Paul Madden started his online life as a web spammer at scale and then grew a large offshore link selling team. He then founded Kerboo which has now scored over 7.5 billion links for their LinkRisk and helped thousands of sites repair and protect their link profiles.

Paul has an eye for an opportunity and a tendency to operate quickly at scale. An adaptable competitive SEO who believes data and automation are the key to success in the digital world.

Why UnGagged loves them:

Returning to UnGagged, Paul Madden will share his expertise gained from working in the industry for over 15 years in SEO and links. Paul is a serial business starter, an investor in tech businesses in both the UK and Asia, and founded Kerboo which won the Best SEO Software 2014 & Best SEO Software Tool 2015 at the UK Search Awards. He is a respected figure amongst the industry, and is certainly the go-to guy when it comes to world class link intelligence.

Join Paul in his session at UnGagged Las Vegas, titled ‘Links: Making the most out of everything you have and making sure you continue to win’. Learn the technical aspects of your site and how to review and reveal what is counting for and against your site, how to grow your profile and use links to qualify in the eyes of Google.