Peter Holden

CEO - Hostwinds LLC

An entrepreneurial, caring spirit wrapped in a no-risk barred attitude is what you discover when you get to know Peter Holden. Having absolutely no experience in the hosting industry, he founded Hostwinds when he was only 20 years old and was able to take it from nothing to a top Inc 500 company. And it was chosen (yet again) by PC Magazine as one of the best hosting companies in 2017. Is it because he’s a business mogul that could test the best of them? Maybe. But that’s not the driving force behind this CEO.

As a developer, he experienced firsthand a terrible process of moving a web development firm from one hosting company to another. It was then he realized there was a huge gap in the industry and that he could do better. Hostwinds was born out of a pure drive to give people reliable, fast, customized web hosting in a close-knit, customer-first environment where every customer is family. Every customer is catered to at a price you’d never find elsewhere.