Ross Tavendale

Ross Tavendale

Managing Director - Type A Media

Having cut his teeth in big box agencies servicing FTSE 100 clients, Ross has taken his experience and started Type A Media, a team of SEO consultants based in London.

He now helps clients get coverage on the biggest website in the world from the BBC to the Wall Street Journal, with no creative spend required.

He take a radical approach to running an agency, operating under the mantra of “a billable hour, is not a billable hour”.

Being obsessed with productivity led Ross to discover a classic London agency pattern of output from consultants at some of the biggest agencies in the world.

  1. Monday: Come in Fresh and Conquer your task list
  2. Tuesday: Meetings on Meetings on Meetings
  3. Wednesday: Back on track smashing out deliverables
  4. Thursday: Agency “night out” at the pub
  5. Friday Morning: Show up with a fuzzy head.
  6. Friday Afternoon: Off to the pub for lunch
  7. Friday Late Afternoon: Fighting Sleep followed by “desk beers”

As a client, what day do you want us to work on your account?

Seeing these patterns led Ross to run his agency on a 4 day work week and pay his staff to meditate and go to the gym.

“We train them to be the best in class at our discipline and give them the discipline to be best in class.”

At Type A, when a client buys consultancy hours they are getting the best consultancy hour in London.