Scott Stratten

Author & Co-Founder - UnMarketing

Scott Stratten is the President of Un-Marketing. He now has over 160,000 people follow his daily rantings on Twitter and was named one of the top 5 social media influencers in the world on He is an expert in Viral, Social, and Authentic Marketing which he calls Un-Marketing.

His clients viral marketing videos have been viewed over 60 million times and he’s recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine,, and Fast Company and was named one of America’s 10 Marketing Gurus, by Business Review USA. That plus $5 gets him a coffee anywhere in the world.

Formerly a music industry marketer, national sales training manager and a Professor at the Sheridan College School of Business, he ran his UnAgency for a nearly a decade before solely focusing on speaking at events for companies like PepsiCo, Adobe, Red Cross, Hard Rock Cafe, Cirque du Soleil, Saks Fifth Avenue, Deloitte and Fidelity Investments when they need help guiding their way through the viral/social media and relationship marketing landscape.

He has written three best-selling business books, the newest being QR Codes Kill Kittens a picture book for fed-up business people.

Scotts keynotes are always entertaining and educational “one of the most energetic and entertaining educating speakers I’ve ever seen” DD. He will take you on a rollercoaster ride of laughs and lessons learned through the school of actually practising what he preaches. The ups and downs of micro to massive business covering lessons we can all learn from along the way.

Speaker Interview
What projects are you working on at the moment?

My 4th book, UnSelling, was just submitted to my publisher, out just in time for the event! I’m surprised as anyone I’ve written a book, let alone four. Just ask my Grade 11 English teacher.

How do you decide on which goals to pursue?

I don’t actually set goals. I do whatever I can each day to make sure that when I go back to bed, I’m better for the day along with others.

What drives you?

My family, my passion for being on stage, and the belief that one dat my football team won’t suck so hard.

Who inspires you?

My son, my better half, and a smattering of superficial brief YouTube clips.

Was there ever a moment when you thought ‘I’m going to give this up, it won’t work’.

I never didn’t believe I could run my own businesses, although nearly declaring bankruptcy twice, the decision almost got made for me. Luckily, I’m a horrible employee. I actually think that’s what the term entrepreneur stands for in Latin. “Terrible employee”.

What do you see as your lasting achievement? it will be on my gravestone.

Where will you be in 10 years?

Complaining about a sore back, a crappy football team and still doing what I’m doing now. Probably writing book #14, but I assume by that point, we just download the content to our Google Retina to read it.

How enlightened is the digital marketing industry becoming?

I’ve built a business banking on the fact that most people are not enlightened but they want or pretend to be. It’s been interesting to see people shift into the space as marketers. We aren’t as quick to adapt and accept change.

Specifically in which arena of the interactive world do you think the next clutch of thought leaders will rise?

Augmented, wearable and 3D. But we’ve been saying that for years an no one has called us on it, so let’s just go with that.

What’s more important to you; privacy or infamy?


If you had the opportunity to change anything in this new digital era, what would that be?

Google Glassholes. Stop it. No one likes you and you look like an assclown.

Do you think social media is here to stay or will everyone get sick of it?

It’s like asking if people will still be social. We always will be. Will social media as we know it change? Sure. But we will always have the desire to connect with others. And we’re not going back to phone calls and letters anytime soon.

If you could choose the next President of the USA who would that be and why?

I’m Canadian, why do I care? 🙂

Growing up, what do you think led you down the path of becoming a disruptive type of entrepreneur?

Hating the status quo and always asking why. I could never last in a job, because I refused to do things because “that’s the way we’ve always done it”.

Did you have any mentors as a child?

My grandfather. My right arm is tattooed in dedication to him. He taught me the importance of families, story telling, class and respect.

So what do you think gave you the confidence to take the big risks?

No other choice. I quit my last job 13 years ago with 60 cents to my name and my son about to be born. When you have no safety net, you really do everything possible not to fall down.

What’s the best part of your day?

Seeing the smiles on the faces of my family. Their laughter warms my soul.

Are you a regular user of the BHW forum and if so why?

Nope. I fear the BHW forum. You guys are hardcore 🙂

Why do you want to speak at the BHW endorsed Ungagged conference?

Because I’m UnMarketing, silly. I only speak truth on stage, and this is what the event is to me. No BS, no shills, no pitching. Just truth smack downs.

What can the attendees expect to hear or learn from you? Please don’t be too specific we want to keep your content mainly under-wraps, but you moistening our lips with a couple of killer nuggets?

How has over 20,000,000 visits and why you hate me for it is a good start. Then I’m going to lose my mind on Google glassholes. Then we can take it from there 🙂