Shyam Dattani

Shyam Dattani

Digital Strategy Specialist - SearchMetrics

Shyam Dattani, currently the Digital Strategy Specialist at Searchmetrics Inc. is a new school Digital Marketer. Being of the age where “LOL” is one of the most commonly typed words he sees the acronym SEO differently.

“It’s no longer Search Engine Optimisation as we knew it, long gone are the days of keyword stuffing and anchor text over-manipulation. Everyone agrees Content is the way forward but more holistically, its all about the User Experience; hence Search Experience Optimisation”

Having worked on the accounts of some of the worlds most Global brands including American Express, Arla, AXA and many others, he has built up his SEO credentials.

An Economist by degree, and a data geek by confession he is a firm believer in “Big-Data” driven SEO.
He currently manages a portfolio of clients, where he consults strategically on their Digital marketing efforts through the usage of the Searchmetrics Data Platform.