Tom Anthony

VP Product - Distilled

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Tom is VP Product at Distilled, where he leads the team building DistilledODN, the worlds first SEO A/B testing platform. Tom has consulted with some of the world’s largest companies on technical SEO, and now is able to help them precisely measure the impact of the SEO changes they are making.

Prior to Distilled Tom worked in academia, and is a published author of various peer reviewed papers on Artificial Intelligence. He was recently awarded a PhD for his research. Before that he was a freelance web developer, having built his first website in 1998. This unusual mix turned out to be a great combination for SEO, and Tom spends a chunk of his time researching and talking about the future of search.

In addition, Tom is a hobbyist security researcher and has been paid a variety of bug bounties by the likes of Google and Facebook for issues he has found on their sites. Tom enjoys applying security research principles to SEO, and has found several security issues with Google that impacted search.