Wojtek Mazur

Co-Founder - Elephate

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Wojtek Mazur is Co-founder and Head of Content Marketing at Elephate, an award winning agency. He successfully develops and executes content marketing and link building campaigns for international clients from various industries. Outside of the professional realm, Wojtek enjoys travelling, scuba diving, fishing, and photography.

Why UnGagged loves them:

If content is king, then Wojtek Mazur is your guy. Content marketing expert, online marketer, link building specialist, entrepreneur, co-founder at 22 of ElephateSEO (one of only 4 LinkResearchTools Certified Agencies worldwide) with fellow UnGagged speaker, Bartosz Góralewicz, six years ago. Since then the agency has grown successfully from 2 to 25 employees and become recognised among the worldwide SEO and content marketing industries.

Speaking for the first time in Las Vegas, join Wojtek on November 15th for his session about links and content. ‘Content? Links? How You Actually Get Them Done Right to Rank‘ will provide you with invaluable insights about getting these two evergreen ranking factors done right!