"UnGagged has cut straight through to the heart of the conference scene..."

UnGagged has cut straight through to the heart of the conference scene, gaining instant recognition and esteem as a sophisticated, advanced and an unforgivingly no-nonsense event – and whilst the ‘what happens behind closed doors’ approach inevitably leads to whispers and undertones of black hat tactics, spam, hacking and other dark arts, it’s about much more then that – it’s about sharing.

As the lines between SEO, marketing, content, tech, PR and brand continue to blur, our jobs are getting harder. We have access to fewer and fewer viable tactics, and more and more reliance on strategies which depend upon disciplines, people, teams and functions which we’re not responsible for or experts in. This challenge will only grow, and so it’s imperative that we break down our own silos and share our best insights, experience and methods. Black hat, white hat, content, tech or anywhere in-between, it doesn’t matter how you label yourself. All that matters is that collectively, and collaboratively, we’re better. And that’s what UnGagged does really well – people from across every spectrum of digital marketing, together, learning from the best presenters and from each other, and taking away the bits which empower them to do better. Nobody cares what colour your hat is; they’re too busy becoming better marketers.

Jono Alderson Global Head of Digital - Linkdex